Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Other House is Empty.

Almost. The hope chest and the chair my son wanted are still there; I couldn't fit them in Baby - Baby was already packed full of other stuff I have to look through and keep or donate or shred, as the case may be.

Auction Guy and his crew worked their Good Ol' Boy asses off. The emptied the house - cheap Corelle dishes, old kitchen utensils, small portable tv, you name it, they hauled it. The furniture was the real moneymaker, but bless them, they took all the crap too. Next visit to the house will be hauling the shop vac and a good cleaning, and to meet with a realtor or two. It needs carpet and paint - neither are awful, but I'm willing to either do it or factor it into the asking price. It's not a mess by any means, but applying my critical eye, yeah, I know what I'd want before I'd want to move in. Fresh carpet and paint, just because time does take its toll on walls and floors. Otherwise, it's like new.

I went through and grabbed a few last items I didn't want to let go - including a 1941 vintage New Testament and other Catholic Books. Very cool.

The Cousins are in town, down near The Attractions (theme parks). I was able to help them find a really nice place to stay, and tomorrow we will do dinner, then Tuesday they go back to C's house and on Wednesday after work (half day) Murphy and I will head that way and join them. Haven't knit a stitch in a week. But life progress has been made.


caroline said...

Girl, that is HUGE. Having just painted (almost) the entire interior of a house, I can tell you it's a lot of work but really improves the look and feel of the place. Even if it's good to start with. Fair warning, it's also hugely expensive to have others do it for you, heh. Not even very cheap when you do it yourself when 5 gallons of basic interior ACE H*ware paint is $105. ouch. But whatever you do it will help.
I salute you, chica. It's been a long road and you've hung in there.

Catherine said...

I'm going to have to hire somebody; if I do it myself it'll take six months of weekends, and I do not like the thought of camping there in an empty house every weekend working on it. I have already given a year to my mother's illness and now her estate; I'm willing to pay someone else to deal with it! I painted this place myself, but I live here. That one, I'll have to hire help,

zippiknits said...

Oh yes, hire someone. That's just too much to do after all the other stuff. Murphy and the cats can cuddle with you and make you glad someone else is painting that house!

I truly admire you.