Sunday, November 02, 2008

Time change plus gym equals madness.

Lo, the power of an extra hour of sleep. I went to the gym, put in a solid hour of cardio then weights, came home all sweaty but energized, and thought this would be a fine time to start cleaning the house.

I've been thinking about moving my desk to my bedroom, to make room in the living room for the small double dresser bought for my mother, which she never used. It will be repurposed as elegant yarn storage. But that meant moving the desk, and I was all sweaty anyway...and four or so hours later, I'd moved the desk, cleaned off shelves, dusted, mopped, generally cleaned the hell out of the house. Cat hair be gone! Fingerprints, banished! Random shit I'm not sure why I still have, to the trash with you! Long overdue, may I say. I've been spot cleaning for months, walking past things that bugged me. I am tired of walking past things that bug me. I have no excuses left.

Then I got into my totally inadequate bathtub and tried to soak my tired bones. Next residence must have adequate soaking tub.

Still owe actual knitting photos, and the blue suede shoes. But right now my house is clean(er) and tomorrow is Monday.

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