Saturday, November 01, 2008

Welcome, November.

October was one of the longest months of my life. I was so going to write the long, chatty, witty, profound post I've been composing in my mind all week, but sorry.

Love the gym again. Car is all better. Ethanol in gas is apparently the cause of an epidemic of catalytic converter failures. Girl bought cute boots and I am tempted by them. But I already have cute boots, and this is FL and how many cute boots does a person need? Did splurge on a pair of expensive, totally pointless blue suede pumps, just because they made me happy. Blue suede pumps. Yeah. I'm so totally a neutral shoes that go with everything person. This was an out of the box moment. Need more of those.

Knitting socks. Need to finish about three sweaters. Have a storage unit and a house to unload over coming weekends. House grubby. Did I say I love the gym? Or that I'm knitting socks?

Photos to follow. Bossy Doghouse Out.

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Ginnie said...

Sometimes a girl just needs cool shoes.