Sunday, November 16, 2008

Work Tomorrow. Bleh.

I am dreading going back to the office. My 5 days off were so productive and useful and important things were done, all the banking stuff, phone calls, sorting through photos and stuff hauled back from my mother's last weekend, it was all good. And now it's over. And I have to go back to a job where I don't feel like I am needed. I feel superfluous.

I like the company, I like my co-workers - that's all good. But I think they hired me anticipating a spike of work that never happened, and to fill a slot that was probably use it or lose it. So I've been there for over six months still waiting to feel like I really have a job. And it is starting to make me insane.

And we won't even talk about how the economy factors into this situation. You all can do the math on that.

I end every day feeling like this:

Enough about that which I cannot control. I accomplished much Estate Stuff and Personal Stuff, too. There is much more to do, but a lot of the "has to happen on a weekday" stuff was done. Conference with attorney to deal with the house, etc. And I got in 4 good workouts, my house is cleaner, and so forth. Oh, and I bought and installed a new wireless printer. My old printer was both old and cheap, and last time Girl needed to print something, it groaned and creaked and chugged like the Little Cheap Printer That Can't Anymore. It also tended to leave random black streaks on the edges of the paper, which is not cool when one is printing something important, like, you know, a resume, maybe. And so I finally put it out to pasture. Printers R Cheep, and so much fancier since I bought the dinoprinter 7 or 8 years ago. Less than $90 later, I have a printer/scanner/copier do it all machine that is cuter than hell to boot:

And did I mention that it's wireless! That is so incredibly sexy and amazing, I am looking for things to print, just because.

My son bought me a scanner a few years ago, I've used it, but it requires a lot of real estate, and the cats thought "flat bed" meant "cat bed," so I had to put it in protective custody in the closet. This little baby takes up no space at all, and the cats ignore it, because their asses would hang off it. It will make scanning pictures a whole lot more convenient - as soon as I learn how to use the scanner function, because I haven't tried it yet. But the print function is to die for - so fast. I can sit with my MacBook on my knees on the couch and print to the printer in the bedroom, it's luxury.

And I'm knitting on these socks:

Trekking XXL colorway 109. More mauve-y and purple-y than they look here.

In Other News, Murphy had a most excellent vet visit yesterday. At 8.5 years old he was declared adorable and very healthy, and the vet was delighted that he had lost weight. I had mentioned some time back that Murphy had become a Porky Yorkie. He had chubbed up a lot living with Dudley, because walking both dogs was a nuisance so there were fewer walkies, and Skinny Dudley is a treat-eating, calorie burning machine. But this triggered competitive eating instincts in the Alpha Dog, whose middle aged metabolism and teeny size did not keep up. When Dudley moved out last year (on the boomerang plan - he kept coming back for visits) Murphy and I got back into our old habits - and they had outstanding results. The vet was delighted that he has lost over a pound - which, on a Yorkie, is a huge percentage of weight. There is no truth to the rumor that he has been offered a TV show on Style and a deal for a weight loss book. You wouldn't want to be on his fitness plan - I had to scream at him to drop a lizard he'd killed yesterday. He doesn't eat them, but darting around hunting them burns calories. He rarely catches them, and when he does he's so damn proud.

Next weekend he goes to the groomer, to get all handsome for his Thanksgiving trip to Cousin C's. Her son S and partner J are coming down from MD to visit C, and Murphy and I are going to do Thanksgiving dinner with them. We have reservations at a lovely restaurant in St. Augustine, one of my favorites, and best of all - they don't even serve turkey! This isn't one of those craptastic holiday buffet meals, this is table service steak and good wine in a lovely setting. Now that is how I want to do Thanksgiving! Murphy's gonna be pissed that he's not invited to the restaurant for steak, but he'll have a ball otherwise. And so will I.

A lot of badnesses have happened to me in the last few years, but one of the big goodnesses was reconnecting with the Cousins. It's so amazing how we all just picked up again, as if 25 years of living separate lives never happened. I mean, obviously it did happen, but it just gave us more to talk about. And even more amazing how my kids fit into the mix - sharing interests and attitudes with people they never knew growing up. Blood really is thicker. And that does make up for at least 20% of the badness.


Anonymous said...

Cat beds - our very first fax machine for the business was a little thermal-paper thingie, and wildly expensive, compared to now.

Well, it sat for years on a desk, in a corner of the multi-purpose room, and I used to keep the top drawer of the desk pulled well out. You have cats, you know why..........

Then one day, in all innocence, a helpful visitor closed the drawer.

The little fax machine died on impact.

And our first printer was a ginormous Epson pin printer. Sounded like a chaff cutter on steriods. Ended up being discarded, still willing to work. We had to fire it because, after several changes of computer and Windows upgrades, the printer had no one to talk to - so lonely for it.

All the best,

Gae, in Callala Bay

Bess said...

Ain't good cousins grand? I am so thrilled you'll be wining and dining them in my favorite Florida town. (Believe I could give up the whole turkey thing to spend the holiday in St.A)

Sounds like you're still in the one step at a time phase of things. I'm so glad you have good cousins cheering you from the sidelines.

caroline said...

Job situation does suck. Remember the ask and it's given stuff? Maybe try a bit of that? But truly, C, your energy is shifting already to the lighter and more positive. and you're taking better care of yourself already. These things are huge. So laissez les mieux (better) temps rouler! (Normally let the good times roll, but you get the idea...)

She Knits Socks said...

My flatbed scanner was broken by my dogs (separation anxiety). Hope your multi-function wireless unit works great for a long time.

It's good to re-connect with old friends and family. Here's wishing you a happy Thanksgiving.