Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

I had to work today. Well, didn't really "have to," but didn't have the sense to burn a vacation day to avoid it. In a nearly empty office a half dozen of us like-mindless folks rattled around, tried to be busy, and slid out, one or two at a time, because no work that required interaction with humans would be done. It was so quiet you could hear a gnat fart. The phone did not ring once, no email arrived, I piddled around and took a short lunch and lit out of there like my ass was in flames at 3:45. I am SO taking off January 2.

So, no After Christmas Sale Madness for moi, but that is fine, because I am in unloading mode, and I have zero desire to shop. I did stop at Publix because I was out of eggs after the muffin madness of yesterday, which is back to being civilized and not the deranged spectacle it was on Christmas Eve. And came home to find that my son's card had arrived.

My son has a knack for finding cards that make me burst out laughing at their absolute perfection. This one is a keeper.

A Christmas Poem for My Mom

For all the nights
you stayed up late
To trim the Christmas tree,
For all the costly presents
That you purchased just for me...

For all the times you tucked me in
And read me stories too-
For all the ways you cheered me up
When I was feeling blue...

For all the cookies that you baked
And stockings that you stuffed
For all the messes you cleaned up
And pillows that you fluffed....

For all the days you loved me
Even when I made it hard
For all these things
and much much more...


(Kinda makes it all seem worth it, doesn't it Mom? Mom?)

It was not an empty Christmas card; it contained gift cards for iTunes and Barnes & Noble. He's a good son. But that poem makes me laugh every time I read it. That greeting card writer deserves a bonus.


caroline said...

wicked good sense of humor! hmmm...wonder who he got that from, jejeje

zippiknits said...

Oh, that twisted sense of humor? Not from his mother..*cough* LOL!!