Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Might Have a Realtor.

So, yesterday I sent out an email feeler to another big outfit - because in BFE, no one can hear you scream if you don't have an online marketing presence - and got a call back in five minutes, from a fast-talking very Yankee sounding chick, who then connected me to an agent. We talked, and we have an appointment for Saturday at the house. I then received a follow-up email from the company. Wow. Like, you know, real professional shit, and everything! Fast response! Follow up! This ain't rocket science!

So, I think we might have a winner. I have two appointments on Saturday, one at 11 (did not impress, but I'll give her a chance) and one at 1, and unless the 1 disappoints me in person (and I doubt she will) I think I landed a live agent. Never heard from the one who didn't leave a message again. So glad she doesn't need the money. I wish her well, and if she happens to somehow bring a buyer she will be most welcome, but she isn't getting the listing. Leaving a message if nobody picks up - that's sales 101.

Fingers crossed, St. Joseph on call.


caroline said...

crossing fingers and toes for you...

Janet said...

That is just mind boggling.

Also, I'm convinced that St. Joseph got our last house sold.

Bess said...

Chanting woo woo thoughts for a $ale.