Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

First: House for Sale. Call Mary Lou. If you click on the little spinning house icon it takes you to the visual tour. It looks good. My mother's fear of color is the next owner's gain. (And I'm thinking I really should repaint these blue walls before listing this place.)

So I'm busting my butt to get out from under two houses which will drain me dry (one fast, one slower) if I lose my job again, and facing this with the very dire housing data out today, but then I remind myself that in FL, at least, the scary numbers are heavily skewed by investor-owned condos among the flood of foreclosures. A lot of apartment complexes that went condo to cash in on the hot market of 3 or so years ago sold to investors who bought with flaky mortgages, who have now walked away. I am mentally pruning the condo foreclosures out of the competition pool, and what's left isn't hopeless and dire. Neither of the houses I want to sell are in an investor-owned, foreclosure-ridden area. My mother's house in particular still has market appeal to retirees - it's affordable and in a really nice community. My own is nearly as affordable and in an also really nice community, though we don't have a golf course. So though I definitely will take a huge hit on price (timing - so not my thing) it's not utterly hopeless.

I will be spending an un-Christmas tomorrow; Girlchild and I did Christmas Monday evening - dinner and gift exchange, and it was much fun. It was a modest and practical Christmas Chez Bossy Dogs. Tomorrow, I will spend the holiday planning for 2009, and cleaning closets. I work on Friday, then Saturday I will haul the stuff I cleaned on Christmas Day to Goodwill. I know that doesn't sound like fun, but honestly, I take a lot of satisfaction in getting control of my life again, and I am enjoying the process of paring down my possessions in preparation for a fresh, new start.


Sue said...

Wishing you all the best and lots of energy. Take care.

Bess said...

Were I in your situation I'd think a day of pruning clutter would be just about the perfect way to celebrate. And next year I'd expect to be kicking up heels and lifting toasts in a better place!

Here's a cup of cheer for you.

k said...

OMG it's so white. Or almost white. It's scary.
Take the ironing board out. It has that big splash of green. I couldn't take it.

Francesca said...

It's white... but I'd live there in a hot second!

Good luck & Merry (un)Christmas!


ChelleC said...

Merry UnChristmas - and it sounds like your plans and your actions are all falling in line to create a new life for yourself soon. I wish you a much BETTER 2009.

Linda said...

You did a wonderful job cleaning and prepping. It looks great. I know you'll get a buyer soon. Good luck. Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year!

zippiknits said...

It is a pretty little house, and the views are very nice, too. I think you are going to sell it, things well kept are selling. Merry UnChristmas to you. Getting rid of junk all this coming year. Big decisions as a lot of it is inventory stuff.