Sunday, December 07, 2008

A week since my last post?

Seriously? Boy, did I lose track of time. No drama here. Just work and life and stuff.

Tomorrow is Monday, and I did not win Lotto last night so I have to show up. Crap.

Today I tackled a job I'd been dreading - it was a gorgeous, bright, sunshiny day and that gave me fortitude. I went through my parents' papers.

5 large green trash bags of shredded paper later, I'm down to that which really matters and is worth holding onto.

I don't want to create the impression that they lived in one of those houses of piles of crap everywhere - far from it, even this time a year ago my mother's house was spotless and neat as a pin. But in the file drawers...oh my. Notes about payment of newspaper subscription in 1998. No, I'm not making that up. I didn't shred crap like that, of course (though the shredder is way fun) but that just gives you a clue why the file drawers were jammed full. They had a shredder, but apparently didn't use it all that often.

And, may I rant? Of course I may; this is my blog and why the few really bored people who read it are here.

I am trying to get a realtor to list my mother's house. So I sent out feelers, to the local Re-Max and Cent21 affiliates. Got email responses from both; talked to agents at both.

I am underwhelmed. Their lack of follow-through is already evident. I talked to each on the phone; both were unimpressive. One was supposed to call me back this weekend - i saw a missed call on my phone, but she didn't even have the professionalism to leave a message. Bzzzt. Sorry, you lose. The other sounded very unprofessional on the phone; though she claims 20 years in the business.

This is an EASY sale, people, even in this market. It's a very nice villa in a nice golf community, with a motivated seller who knows the business and the market and is realistic about pricing and not expecting much from you. Price it right, put it in the MLS, hang a lockbox on the door. I'll bury a statue of St. Joseph. Then we both wait until we get a nibble.

But, honestly, if you sound that dingy and unprofessional on the phone and aren't all that into follow-through, you are NOT what I want in a difficult market. I have to hire an agent because without MLS access forget about it. I can do a market analysis myself, I know the score, I am not looking for a big payday. But if you can't answer your cell phone during business hours sounding like a professional, and you don't leave a voicemail message after saying you'll call, how the hell do you survive in this business? I'm betting "married to a cardiologist." As with yarn shops, real estate is crawling with women who are just working for fun. But, sorry girls, this market is NOT fun. If you can't even make/return a phone call in a timely and professional way, give everybody a break and go get your nails done.

Now I'm wondering: how hard will it be to just get this damn house into the MLS? Never mind selling it, just getting it listed?

And for the umpteenth time, I cursed my parents for retiring to that part of the state.

My own job situation is Code Whatever. My own house needs attention before I can list it. I was nearly to the finish line on my own house when my mother got sick and 2008 was flushed. Now I'm back to square one in a much bleaker market for both jobs and houses. Timing has never been my thing.

And what does Catherine do, when confronted with crappage on all fronts? Feather and fan baybee! I cast on (and ripped and restarted three times until I thought I had the right width for the yarn on hand) a lovely throw in Patons Decor (mostly acrylic! shhhh) in Sand and Sea. Blue, tan and white, and in feather and fan, really does look like water and foam on the sand. It's perfect for my bedroom. And cats can throw up on it, because it can be machine washed. I appreciate the high end yarns as much as anybody, but when you live with Boris, you need to be practical.


k said...

I'm glad it was nothing.
I have a feather and fan thing I'd like to get going, but I keep making up other things to go ahead of it.

Anonymous said...

It is my opinion that RE agents are a crapshoot. I hired one that had the highest listings, sale reccomendations and blah, blah, blah and in over a year he showed my house exactly 0 times. I finally relisted it with someone else that I talked to in an espresso bar, and it got offers as soon as she listed it. But hopefully your moms will be attractive to other retirees and it will sell. Good luck.

Catherine said...

Believe me, I totally know RE agents are a crapshoot, and I could tell you stories! I'm just looking for an alert warm body with a current license and MLS access, but I don't even know anybody who knows anybody over there. I got a couple of names from the lawyer handling the estate, but he doesn't impress me either. The only thing he has done so far was cash the retainer chcck. But I might as well call his good ole boys; I'm batting 0 for 2 so far.

caroline said...

yay, girl, one more task out of the way.

Bess said...

Nothing like feather and fan to sooth the raveled nerves.

chanting st. joseph prayers for this one.

Anonymous said...

is the house by any chance near coconut creek? My sister and family are going to be in the market for a place near there in the next couple of months. If it is maybe she could take a look.

Dawn @

Catherine said...

No, the house is in Hernando County, the other side of the state.

ellen said...

It's good to see you posting. It might be worthwhile to see who's advertising an open house in the paper in that area. At least you'd know that agent was actually working. I wouldn't have thought they'd be too busy to call you in this market, but you never know.

Anonymous said...

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