Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I fought the fleas...

and fought, and fought, and fought, and the fleas are still in the lead. I'm closing in on them, though. I think. They're small, but damn, they're crafty.

I am just boggled by this whole outbreak. I have not seen anything like this in decades. It is small comfort to know I'm not alone in this - like the economy, like the shaky job thing, like the house(s) I will be lucky to sell, it's not comforting to know that my boss, my friends, casual people I chatted with in the pet supply store, and even the guy who cuts my hair are going through this too.

Best tip - a teaspoon of Benadryl in the small, itchy dog helps everybody sleep at night. Passed along by my boss, who also has a Yorkie with fleas. Otherwise, I vacuum. And do laundry. And vacuum. And comb fleas off small, itchy dog.

I gave Boris a bath after identifying him as Patient Zero - the cat never cleans himself. He was leaving piles of flea dirt on everything he touched. I am not that oblivious, this was not going on for a long time - it blew up in the last week or ten days.

I wish I'd had someone here to take a video of Boris in the tub. I did it single-handedly, with good prep work and a probably illegal feline choke hold. He was not actually injured; he had enough lung power to bellow like an angry elephant. Murphy was outside the door, frantic that his friend was suffering, and I made it worse by yelling, "Murphy, call 911!" Boris did not think that was funny. He yowled and roared through the bath, and has not slept in my bed since. I put flea repellent on him and on Higgins. I did not bathe Higgins. He appeared quite decently clean, and also, Higgins is not a Pick Up Cat. Boris will struggle, Boris will yowl, Boris will not actually try to kill you dead. Higgins is a sweet, gentle, agreeable cat if you don't try to pick him up. He may have been an assassin in a previous life. When he tries to kill you, he means it. I have no idea why he is the way he is; we adopted him at around a year old, and I can only think that he was thrown and traumatized as a kitten, because we have never, ever, been able to pick him up. Yet he is a snuggly, purring, lap sitting cat. Just don't cross the line and try to pick him up.

So I looked at Higgins, and he looked at me, and his look clearly said, "Try it and die, bitch." We compromised - he allowed me to apply flea stuff. Good enough.

We are having a cold snap here, and while I would normally be moaning about dead plants, I'm rooting for a string of really cold nights, to kill the outdoor fleas.

Work situation - not getting warm, fuzzy feelings of job security. Didn't I just DO this not long ago?

I do knit a little now and then. Not overly successful lately.

Things that are going well: I got a haircut I don't hate, and made a really good pot of turkey chili last night. That concludes the good news from here in Flea World.


Anonymous said...

I can tell you one thing worse than The Flea -- here on the east coast of Australia we have the Paralysis Tick. Related to spiders, and the name means exactly what it says. And if not detected abd treated in time -- fatal. And the anti-venine treatment really knocks the animal around, and destroys immunity to the next attack.

Recently a small child spent 3 weeks in ICU as the result of an undetected tick.

Has your weather been unseasonably warm and humid - I mean I KNOW where Florida IS, but not what the day to day conditions are like in your area. In Sydney, one of the flea capitals of the known world, the problem was always worst in summer, especially February.

All the best,

Gae, in Callala Bay

Linda said...

We had a Psycho kittie too! Now way you could pick her up and try to get her out from under the bed and you'll end up with bloody stumps. Oh mut we loved her just the same. She was our "Special" Girl:)
You're doing all the right things in Flea Land. It will be over soon.

Anonymous said...

Aside from fleas, I have to tell you, when you don't post on a Sunday, I start worrying that your brain blew up again. So, I am sorry about the fleas, but glad you are still with us.
Not that posting on a Sunday is required, but it usually a day we can count on a post.
ANyway, I'm a worrier.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! You should be living here in Iowa right now---the high today was about nine degrees. The predicted high for tomorrow is a few degrees below zero, and that's before the wind chill factor. We're having a blast of record cold---no fleas here. 'Specially uner all the snow. (!)