Sunday, January 04, 2009


This woman could be me. College educated, 20 years in her construction industry related field, and sending resume after resume without a nibble. That was me, this time last year, and the economy has worsened since then. And she's in the DC area, which is relatively recesssion-proof, and which I had been considering as a next move. Yikes.

Of course, I am one up on her; Florida was in a recession before the rest of the country got the memo, and I've already taken the backward step on the career ladder, with the retrograde salary move, just to have a job. And you know, once you accept this, it's really liberating! Well, that and accepting that you can't afford to keep your house and will never retire. It frees the mind - my thoughts have turned from looking for the next, better job in my current field to looking for something that I genuinely enjoy, and that I can do until I'm 75. Haven't found it yet, but I have ideas bouncing around in my head. I am open to all possibilities and ready for anything, which is why the current shakiness at my current employer is annoying but I'm not losing sleep over that which I cannot control. We live in Interesting Times. Thanks a bunch, you assholes who voted for Bush TWICE!

I took four loads of stuff to Goodwill in the last few days, and a big load of trash will be at the curb this evening. Emptying the house, clearing the decks, getting ready for the next opportunity, so I won't have to pass it up because I'm chained to this house and this stuff. Of course, I'm chained to the house until I can sell the damn thing; I can't rent it, the numbers don't work, especially on my new, downwardly mobile career path.

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I'm just looking for that crack of light that signals the opening of the next door.


Linda said...

The light is coming Catherine. You'll see:) Hang in there Girl!

caroline said...

Right behind you in that hallway, chica. love the cartoon.

k said...

I love that cartoon!

Lella said...

That's a great cartoon, and so fitting to what is happening! You are always in my thoughts, Catherine.