Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Disrespecting Cats.

Okay, so I wrote the post below and snarked about Boris, and then walked into the living room.

And found Higgins, carefully cleaning Boris - because it's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. And I said (because I talk to my cats) "Carefull Higgins, you are going to puke up a nasty gray hairball!"

At the words: "Nasty gray hairball," Boris raised his head and looked at me - "What?"

Who says cats don't acknowledge their names?


Linda said...

Don't you just love it when they say cute things?

k said...

I'm confused. Do you actually hate cats, or is it these cats, or are you really a softy at heart? Because there is a mixed vibe going on here, and every time I think I know whether you're a cat person or not (and really - it's okay to be both cat and dog - I've been there)you confuse me. I need clarity! Give us a bold and direct statement!

Catherine said...

Wow, "Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Cat Hating Party?" That's why I wrote it that way - knitters and cats are linked all over the internets. If my choices are hate all cats, hate these cats, or secretly a softy, I choose None of the Above.

I tolerate cats. My attitude about cats is that they start out as kittens because nobody can resist a kitten, and when you are seduced by a kitten, you don't think that when it's 13 it will sleep all the time and only wake to eat, visit the litterbox, throw up on the sofa and occasionally need expensive medical care. It does not go on walks, it does not play ball, it does not listen when you rant. I'm a dog person - dogs live for their person. Cat's live for themselves.

I do not hate them. I take very good care of mine, including buying $25 a bag Science Diet for Boris' delicate digestion. I pet them when they ask to be petted, I have let them sleep on and pretty much destroy what started out as expensive living room furniture, which is now not even fit to donate to charity (no lie - they can't take for allergy reasons). I clean the litterbox, and even knit them catnip mice. I de-flea them when they have fleas, and I spent $700 on cat dental work (looking at YOU, Boris) when the cat needed dental work, because I would never let an animal suffer. They are nice animals, in their way. But I am a dog person. I do not get the same emotional, personal connection with cats that I get from dogs. So sue me.

Catherine said...

OMG, I committed a misplaced apostrophe! I changed thoughts in mid-sentence - please mentally correct "cat's live for themselves" - I started saying it another way where an apostrophe worked.

Oh, the horror - and me, the person who swears that after retirement, she is going to roam the countryside with a can of red spray paint, fixing the random apostrophes on roadside stands....

Anonymous said...

Hey, even the most apostrophe-clued has the occasional attack of apostrophobia. I blames it on the total saturation of bad apostrophe use.

My father, visiting and checking out the retirement facility he will be moving to very soon (mild dementia, mostly forgetfulness at 89)spotted an external door with the offending sign "This door is alarmed" and pointed out the obvious - a door is an inanimate object and incapable of feeling emotion. Startled the manager of the facility, it did. Showed that Dad might sometimes forget where he left his marbles, but he definitely is not stupid. And he hates them what mangles the English language (evil grin)

Gae, in Callala Bay

k said...

Well, see, that's what confuses me. I oscillate wildly between cats and dogs, but I've never spent that much on an animal. But then again, I haven't had an animal in 5 years, or very often $700.
So. I guess that makes you a very compassionate person, who likes dogs better than cats.
By the way, I spent time in a room with a Newfoundland. I had no idea they were so big. Or droolly.

Catherine said...

I had a lot of better uses for that $700, BELIEVE ME, but the cat was suffering and the dental work really was not optional. He had a severe infection that went all the way up into his sinuses, caused by very rotten molars, and leaving him like that was not even an option. (Yet, it never put him off his dinner, and he came home from the dental surgery and headed right for his dish and ate a hearty dinner. (Vet said: "Feed him a very light meal if he feels like eating." Yeah. That's Boris.) And $700 was the grand total; vet visits plus surgery plus the course of antibiotics he was on afterward.

Love Newfies! A Newfie's head is bigger than Murphy's entire self. They do drool, though. A drool towel is a good accessory.

Francesca said...

I dunno, my cats listen to me to rant and cuddle up to me every night and most of the rest of the time, especially if I'm upset. Maybe I give off a special come-hither cat vibe. ;-)

Then we have my sister's Cavalier King Charles spaniel who wants to curl up in my arms and go to sleep whenever I see him, even if he's been raising hell up to then. So maybe I'm just soporific!

(I am a cat and dog and almost everything else person... I'm easy!)

Boris is, at least, beautiful!


Delphine said...

Hello From France, I think I am totally ruled by my dogs! One male Doberman and two female Afghan Hounds - it's ok cos the dobie paid a visit to the vet- and he can never understand why the females so fuss him at those certain times in their cycle. You can see pics of them on my blog. I am a widow too, lost my husband in 2001 after 41 years of marriage. My blog also includes his writings which I found after he died. I do now have a new partner. I loved your pictures. Delphine