Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I seriously lack a variety of jewelry.

I describe myself as Accessory Challenged. I actually love accessories, but I am too lazy to assemble them before leaving the house at 0-dark-thirty. And I own jewelry, don't get me wrong. Some things I'm very fond of, some things I wear once in a blue moon. I tend to gravitate toward a few pieces I wear over and over. Girlchild really hit the mark with the earrings she gave me for Christmas - I reach for them at least 3x a week. So, I wanted to buy myself a 2nd birthday present - it's a private birthday and I don't expect others to celebrate it. I wanted something that would be meaningful but also kinda whimsical, because I don't take it too seriously.

So I bought myself this as my Other Birthday present.

It's small - less than an inch, so it's perfectly suitable for a woman of a Certain Age, and also office appropriate. And meaningful in a personal, sly way. That one will live in the dish on the dresser, with the other things I actually wear. I really should dig out some other silver earrings, and throw THEM in the dish, so I have some variety. They will, of course, have to be significantly different from each other, or there is a fair chance that I could leave the house wearing mismatched earrings. And my hair is short, so it would definitely show. I could start a trend! Or not. I'm thinking middle-aged legal types wandering around in mis-matched earrings would not catch on in the larger corporate world.

BUT - at the moment the work situation appears - dare I say it out loud? - maybe stabilizing for a while. So my thoughts have turned to daring to make a few other changes, and a few plans.

My living room furniture is a sorry mess. I still love it, but it's had a hard life and it's very, very tired. So bad it is trash-worthy and not even suitable for donation to charity. My couch cushions have split, and cannot be mended - God knows I've tried, but the fabric is so worn after so many years of daily use, it won't hold - and I think the time has come to go wild and Buy New Living Room Furniture. And I am about 10 months overdue for an eye exam - last year sucked the oxygen out of my life and everything else fell by the wayside. I am overdue. So, while I still have a vision plan and a steady paycheck, I shall go nuts and buy a couch, a chair, and new vision stuff - haven't decided whether to try my luck with new gas perm contacts yet. I miss my RGP contacts fiercely, but it will depend on the state of my vision. If they don't make sense, I'll go for a wardrobe of cute glasses, which will be about the same cost as gas perms. And - do I dare put this out on the Internets for the gods to mock me? I really do think I may make it to MDS&W this year. (Shhhh...) It could happen!


Anonymous said...

That's a nice necklace, and a nice symbol for you.

Wear it to MDSW and I'll look for you!


Bess said...

Oh so good - these ideas of yours. Especially get the glasses, as you say, while you still have insurance! and the unripped livingroom furniture will make a huge difference when the house is being shown. Yes, yes, and yes, all around. Happy Second birthday

Vicki said...

Beautiful necklace and happy birthday! I bought new living room furniture last fall. I bought a loveseat and a chair and a half with ottoman - purfect for knitting and hanging out with the dog. I got a great deal at American Signature Furniture - really nice stuff and it's guaranteed. Hope you have one there. I'm very happy with it.