Friday, February 13, 2009

Long time no blog.

Wow. From Astrologer Susan's lips to the Universe's ears! It says something about this month that I am halfway through it and finally reading the prognostication. Yeah, it's pretty damn accurate. Snippet from summary:

You appear to be on the cusp of a massive evolution within, thanks to a crowd of planets twinkling in your house of transformations.

You seem to be stripping down your life to the essentials these days, and later you can add new elements to replace what you tossed overboard. Your thinking and perspective is shifting too and you're becoming more realistic. Rather than this being depressing, it will have the opposite effect - you will feel liberated! This month you will begin the process of reinventing yourself, and by year's end, when the process is over, you'll feel new and improved and be fit to deal with anything life throws your way.

A big part of your cosmic makeover will involve financials. Yet it seems you have a good grip on things, and with Jupiter at your side, you also have an enviable edge - the presence of Jupiter in the same house that is so crowded this month, ruling "other people's money," sure to give you an extra dollop of luck.

Come on, that OPM!! I have, actually, received a few odd checks this month - a few hundred bucks here and there, odd refunds from the nursing home, etc. - but a big slug of money would be most welome.

The Spring Hill House is getting traffic. Buyers are sitting on their money, though. But at least people want to see it - and they should; it's a damn adorable house. But people are scared to spend, and I can't blame them.

I live in a fairly upscale, stable neighborhood (in which I am the poor little churchmouse widder woman) - we are not McMansions, it's an older, stable kind of place. I happened upon an impromptu street meeting last night - the guy I call the yenta of the street and another couple. The couple is active in homeowners' association crap (and I will never, ever, tell them my resume). They said that a lot of our neighbors - OUR neighbors, in this stable, conservative, heavily Republican 'hood, are hurting BAD - can't swing the modest HOA dues anymore. So the yenta pointed out that one place we could cut back would be on landscaping - because this has become one of those charming FL communities that strives to look as old and established as a theme park, and that costs a fortune, and is something I have been muttering about for several years. These geniuses ripped out a lot of natural, native, low maintenance landscaping and put in things that require endless grooming. They got rid of the perfectly healthy native hound dawgs and planted toy poodles - shrubs that require a lot of grooming. When I saw the landscaping overhaul in process it was of course too late, and all I could do was mutter about how the landscaping contractor just bought a new fleet of lovely trucks by bamboozling the HOA board. Those plants are sunk costs and have to be maintained now, but there are other areas that are still mostly natural but regularly groomed to absurdity (and ugliness, honestly - palmettos plucked clean into featherdusters, with the ground around them stripped to bare sand, make the open spaces look like a desolate planet in Star Wars). It's done "just because" and those need to come out of the contract. Screw that unnecessary crap. Maintain the things that matter; let the rest go native again. That's what we were talking about.

HOA Neighbor recoiled in horror - "But that will hurt our property values!" The yenta and I couldn't help it, we guffawed and shouted. It's kinda cute that this guy honestly thinks immaculate theme park landscaping matters now! We are not proposing letting the weeds run free - just lowering the standard to neat and tidy and natural and established. Like it used to be.

I now have that tired feeling about the HOA that I had when my kids were small and acting up: "Don't make me come up there!" But I won't. At least not now.

So, I took Monday off, because it is not a holiday here, (Presidents Day for my non-US readers. A national holiday of sorts, but not in Florida.) and I need an extra day. I have put off playing Merry Bitchy Maid at the Spring Hill house for far too long; tomorrow a.m. I must make the schlep and give it a good vacuum/wipingdown/airingout/toiletbowlswishing. I an do it all in an hour, hour and a half. It will take 2 hours to drive each way. Yeah. And I resented the idea of losing half my weekend for that shit, so I am taking a day for ME on Monday.

And I am still employed, and all is well in other aspects of life. Sorry for the long blog silence. I think I am using my daily quota of words in other ways.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are back. Happy to hear all is well. Missed you each day while you were gone.

Linda said...

Hey Catherine! Good to hear from you and I'm glad you are well. Don't get me started on HOA. I can't even go there.

Ginnie said...

I, too, am glad to hear from you. I refuse to buy a house in a spot with an HOA. I rebel against authority. Especially when it concerns mowing my lawn!

k said...

You have wonder days ahead! Yay!