Sunday, February 22, 2009

Other Birthday

Today is my Other Birthday - the 2nd anniversary of my ruptured brain aneurysm. The mug above is not an other birthday present - well, maybe it is. The mug above was purchased in Bermuda, on one of the very rare trips I took with my husband. I bought two mugs - one is a Zodiac mug for my sign (photo to follow at a proper moment) and the other is this one, full of brilliantly colored wild creatures. And that trip was around ten years ago, and I could never bring myself to drink out of these mugs - they were "too special."

Why do we do this? Why do we store up so much of our treasures as "too good" to enjoy? We all do it to one degree or another. When I cleaned out my mother's belongings, I found so many treasures, carefully preserved in tissue paper - things she was given to use and enjoy, but which existed for 40 years or so in a drawer. When I went into my extreme paring down mode, I vowed to get rid of anything I couldn't actually use. But I held on to this mug and the Zodiac mug, yet never could bring myself to use one for a cup of tea.

As my 2nd anniversary celebration, I am drinking tea from the "too good" mug. It is going to be used, not just admired. And if the colors fade with wear, or I even (oh, the horror!) break it, well, que sera, sera. I bought this mug, with its killer whale and rabbit and manatee (or seal, or whatever that is), polar bear and penguins, because I loved it. I will use it and love it, and if it fades, that is fine.

Life is unpredictable. Eat off the good china for the hell of it. Wear the fancy lingerie to work. Use the "special" yarn on mundane projects; it'll make them special.
You'd think I'd have learned these lessons by now, but I need to remind myself on a regular basis.

Happy 2nd Other Birthday to Me!


Girlchild said...

I'm very grateful you are celebrating the other birthday. I'm going to Publix in my prom dress now. I kid. It's too big these days.

Catherine said...

LOL! I am grateful too. And no, though that was a very pretty prom dress and you looked lovely in it, it would hang off you comically now.

Francesca said...


I use my good crystal as my only stemware for just that reason. The china reminds me too much of my ex-DH to use (which is funny since I picked out the china and he picked out the crystal, but there you go!).

I try not to save too much for "special." A few things, so that I can mark special times, uh, specially ;-). But mostly not.

Happy other birthday!


caroline said...

Happy 2nd time around, chica! You're most definitely special enough for the special mugs...

Linda said...

Wow! Thanks for the reminder. And Happy Other Birthday. Dure glad you're here.

k said...

I'm drinking from my Point Defiance souvenir cup right now.
I hope you can remember the weather, and the way things sounded and smelled, every time you drink from that cup.

Bess said...

You go girl. Happy Other Birthday. Many many many returns.

zippiknits said...

Happy Belated Second Birthday, Catherine. I agree completely about using the good stuff, and for the same reasons.