Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Random Wednesday Update.

Because I feel guilty that I am neglecting the blog.

1. I am still employed.
2. The job is still weird and full of boring suckage, punctuated by moments of sheer WTF??? This has been enhanced by redistribution of the duties of the laid-off one, who apparently carried it all around in her head and left no paper trail of use, or at least not one we have discovered. Imagine your phone ringing with directors and VPs with Things They Need, and you do not know who they are, where they are, or WTF they are talking about, and not even knowing where to ask, because the only person on the corporate mothership who appears to be the contact for answers is Cranky about this, so you don't want to call him until you have enough facts to present?
Oh, and this is so totally not your area of expertise to begin with, so even if you knew the who, what, where and why, it would still be hard. That is my job now. Oh, boy, work is fun. I'm so glad I was able to avoid stress like the doctors ordered when I took that whopping pay cut to come to this. Did I mention that they are contemplating a huge hike on the toll roads I drive to go do this fun job?
3. Good thing: After truly bar-complaint-worthy delays on the expensive lawyer's end, and many phone calls on my end, the probate file was finally opened on Feb 5. And the orders were entered by Feb 11. Yeah, this all could have been done so fast, but wasn't. Asshole. It took the lawyer from the week before Thanksgiving until the first week in February (after I called and got really mad and used words like "inexcusable" at his assistant) to file the four fill-in-the-blanks forms required for this no-brainer estate, and 6 days later, the orders were entered and the file was closed. I now own two houses, when I can't even afford the one I live in. yay.
4. BUT - I went to the other house on Saturday, and it has been shown at least 2x a week, including some 2nd visits, so there has been traffic. This is awesome, and I think it beats the total traffic of all the houses in my neighborhood in six months. So let's all put our energy into seeing this house sold before I have to write another check for HOA dues on April 1. Visualize a contract. Enough with the looky-loos. Bring a damn offer.
5. And - the comps in my neighborhood just officially sagged below 200K, and I am now on Ohpleezedontmakemebringachecktotheclosingtable mode. I'm not there yet, but it's close enough that I can smell its stinky mortgage breath. Damn you, "husband dying of cancer while kids were in college second mortgage" - I SO wish I'd taken that second mortgage to buy a boat and go to spas!

Now you are totally updated on the Big Stuff. The other stuff is all pretty damn good.

And I looked at the calendar and realized that Sunday is my other birthday - I much prefer that to the painfully twee "Annieversary" of brain aneurysm survivors. I survived the ruptured brain aneurysm, the helicopter ride, the craniotomy,the partial blindness, etc. etc. - oh yeah, good times, and got up and went back to work to a life in which I could totally follow doctors' orders and relieve stress, swim, vacation, and such. Um. Yeah. I got screwed on that whole, "You earned a low-stress life," business. I must have forgotten to check a box somewhere.

I do still knit. Nothing exciting, because the last thing I need right now is a dropped stitch in something more complicated than a felted bag. But those are purty, and I'll try to find time to take a pic this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you know, you do need to check in once in a while to let us know you are not off celebrating a "third birthday". (actually, I had just discovered your blog a few weeks before the brain thing, and I've followed ever since).

So yes, check in every once and a while just to say hi. We are easily appeased with photos of Murphy and Dudley or the cats, too.

Saw a great chart the other day on (the chart equivalent of Lolcats) on the relative happiness with our jobs pre- and post- recession. That about sums it up for me!