Friday, February 27, 2009

Teh Crud. I Haz It.

Just one of the Things making their way around the office, but my tired, ripped couch is looking mighty good right now. The first wave of new furniture shopping will happen online. Tomorrow. Because tonight I'm going to bed at 9. I am all tired and ache-y and cough-y and sneeze-y.

My little phoenix pendant arrived today, and it is truly adorable - dainty and shiny and on a pretty shiny chain, too. After I regain the will to live, I will maybe take a picture. But not tonight.


caroline said...

O Noes! Feel better soon, chica. and happy shopping.

Martha said...

Miz C,

Yep, we've had that ucky bug too. Including me.

Hope you are feeling better & re a past blog entry, hope we get to see you at MD S & W this year.