Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Yes, I actually do knit.

Once upon a time, in a far distant galaxy, I used to pretend this really was a knitting blog. I think we can all dispense with that ridiculous fiction by now, can't we?

But, this is a post of Knitting Content. So if you are here for the dogs, this post is dogless. You may safely click away now. This is Actually About Knitting and Cats, which knitters are supposed to love! Anyway.

I finished my Prairie Lace Shawl, or Lacy Prairie Shawl, or whatever the hell it's called - nice pattern, I really enjoy it, I liked it so much I made two, because the first yarn was kinda itchy. I had a superwash Merino in the stash, Berella Muskoka (gone, but not forgotten - nice stuff), so I made a second, in a softer, less likely to make me itch a bit at 5 a.m. when I really don't want any further discomfort yarn. I was on the home stretch of the pattern, on my KnitPicks Options needles (which I had used several times already and raved about) when my KnitPicks interchangeable needle cable snapped. I do not understand this - it didn't detach at the join, it was not under any pressure, it was not being asked to support the weight of the shawl, I'm just minding my own business garter-stitching the top band, the row before casting off, and snap - stitches dropped into my lap. I dropped at least 30 of 289 stitches before my brain processed what had happened and I launched into damage control mode, swore like a sailor, carefully set it on the coffee table and assembled a new needle, and then spent the rest of the evening rescuing stitches and casting off. The shawl is fine, no damage done, but I am not a huge fan of KnitPicks to begin with and now even less so. In all my considerable years of knitting, I have never had a cable just break like that!

I don't have a picture of the shawl yet. It's big, it's cream colored instead of beige. I'll get around to a picture as soon as I figure out where to pose it so you can actually see it. You aren't missing much, but it's soft and comfy and goes great with morning coffee.

Onward to My Favorite Finished Object of 2009!! As proof that GMdoindeedTA - I had this idea for an iPod cosy. I use my iPod at the office, to shut out the stoopid, because it burns! (Oh God how it burns sometimes. Someday after I am laid off I will have to tell you about my neighbors.) But, I digress.

Normally, my iPod lives in a iSkin - a very sturdy, protective iSkin, so protective that the click wheel does not always respond. At my desk, at the office, iPod is safe and secure, so I wanted to make a case to transport it sans iSkin, to protect it from the considerable abuses of my purse. Maybe just a little pouch with a little flap to hold it in. And I got out the yarn and the dpns and tried to guesstimate how many stitches to cast on, and I was thinking 33. And then I thought, Ravelry! and I went to Ravelry and found this pattern: iPod Cosy, which was EXACTLY what I'd imagined. I used Cascade 220 remnant from the stash in a blue-purple color I can't name, and size 9 dpns because I am a Loose Woman, and a button from the sewing box, and it is freaking perfect. My modification was to do a 3 stitch buttonhole about an inch from the bottom of the flap, because I didn't want to cut later.

And because according to the Laws of Internet Knitting, if you write about knitting you have to throw in a cat or two:

These two are never this cuddly, but it's been really chilly lately. If Boris farts, Higgins is a dead man.


Linda said...

OK, I guess I haven't been reading long enough cuz I didn't realize how much/well you knit. And the knitting/cat reference? hahahahaha! True but still funny! Can't wait to see the shawl though.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, one of my Knitpicks did the same, and that makes me SO glad I did not shell out for the whole SET, just bought a couple of needles sizes that suit me and a couple of different cable lengths. Not at all pleased, and same thing, I was not doing anything strenuous with them, just sittin', knittin'

Here is steamy and hot - typical east coast Australia in summer.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

I'm regretting buying the set. I like the sharp points, I have had no issues with the joins, but damn, the cable just BROKE, while under no pressure at all. I have lost my trust in them. Oh, Addi Turbos, forgive me - how did I ever stray?

You can read a long time and not see much knitting here, Linda - that's why I announce the rare knitting post. :-)

Anonymous said...

I wish I hadn't gone for the set either. I find them to be very heavy compared to Addi's and they were causing me to have wrist problems. And one of my cables broke too. I'd be happy to dump them off to someone else who might want them, mainly because arthritis has pretty much stopped my knitting cold. Booooooo. I've taken up making Weave-it squares like crazy. I think I'll make a felted blanket one day.

Bess said...

Oh wicked. I'm still laughing. I take it he didn't, though, based on his willingness to groom Boris later.

Still laughing. Thank you. Love the celtic button on that cute case.

Willa said...

The Ipod cozy is too cool. Now I am fearful for my brand new interchangeable cable needles. My husband ordered me a set of Kinki Ambari bamboo needles as a Christmas present the day I lost my job*- I've never had such nice needles, and the thought of them breaking is mind boggling!

He thought if I was going to be home, I might as well knit and perhaps use up some of the yarn around here. He doesn't realize it is extra insulation for the house.

Those Weave-it squares really hurt my hands to make- the knitting mostly makes my right shoulder hurt.

Catherine said...

I think it's a KnitPicks thing - I haven't heard this from owners of other interchangeable sets. I thought Weave-its were cute, but suspected they'd cause pain. For the shoulder, I recommend yoga/stretching, and a supportive pillow under the right elbow. :-)

iabrenda0312 said...

I have used two sets of the needle tips in my Options set, and both of them came apart where the wood and metal join. I like the sharp points, so I glued them, and now the cable has pulled apart---the plastic cable came out of the metal end. Junk!

zippiknits said...

So, there goes the inexpensive "option". I guess I'll just periodically, like when I actually need them, buy addi lace.

Sorry about your needles, Catherine. What a lousy thing to happen. Glad you were able to save your shawl.

We have a dog who really gives off some toxic gas. heehee.. Cute kitty photo.