Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last U-Haul to Spring Hill

If I had the energy I would try to come up with a Monkees parody, but that ain't happening. Today was, I fervently believe, hope, the last time I will have to make the drive across the state. Ever. That is a strange and disconnecting and totally weird feeling: my last reason to ever go in that direction is going away. Not that I enjoyed the trip, but still, it's a weird thing.

The mission today: Retrieve two furniture items I actually wanted to keep.

The issues:

1) I could not lift them single-handedly - the chair, probably. The hope chest, no way.

2) Girl's back is still f-ed up.

3) Male assistance I'd imposed upon before has enough to deal with; I didn't want to go back to that well for this.

4) The buyer wants to close next week. Just saying that sentence in this financial climate is like saying, "Oh yeah, George Clooney wants to take me to his villa and indulge my every fantasy and also buy me jewelry and puppies during the day!" You just do what you have to do to make it happen.

I couldn't do it myself, and my usual suspects couldn't help, so I was prepared to let the hope chest and chair go if I HAD TO. But, dammit, I did not want to. I had narrowed down all the furniture memories of my childhood to just keeping to the china, silver, and hope chest.

And Boy, for some (odd) reason, wanted this particular gold chair that sat in his grandparents' living room, and was old before he was born.

So, I needed help. And help appeared. By a series of events too long to recount, one of Boy's oldest friends is temporarily back in town and living nearby, and was willing to give up the most lovely, sunny, abnormally perfect spring day, to get a U-Haul van and slog back to Spring Hill with me, one more time. My son has good friends - T is a joy; funny, useful, nice, a good conversationalist on a long drive. I did compensate him for his time, because he is "between gigs," as we say now, but he volunteered for the mission before expecting to be paid a dime, and he is now my slave for as long as he is available.

And the hope chest is now parked in my living room; not its ultimate place - it will eventually shift to a back room when I have room for it back there - but a good temporary spot.

And the gold chair is in a likewise temporary spot in my bedroom, where the cats can enjoy it until Boy either makes his way down to collect it, or I cram it into the back of Baby and haul it up to Boy in Asheville.

And - and this is the most important and coolest part - I am 99% sure I have made the Last Slog to Spring Hill EVER. The closing can be done via overnight delivery.

I did remember to dig up St. Joseph of the mojo, and will pass him on to my boss.

Send house closing vibes, please.


Linda said...

Good, good, good (house closing) Vibrations! And if you are headed to Ashville (NC?) send me an email cuz I'm practicly on your way! We'll do lunch at a Cracker Barrell of 85!

Catherine said...

I don't know when I will make it up that way, maybe some time later this year?

Martha said...

Miz C,

Belated congrats on the sale of the house!!! What a relief that must be.


Catherine said...

It hasn't closed yet. But there are no bad vibes; just unrealistic scheduling on the buyer's agent's end. Next week.