Monday, March 02, 2009

March Already?

Sheesh. My favorite prognosticator isn't thrilling me here.

I am crawling out from under the Crud; not 100% but definitely better. The weather is freakishly cold, (seriously - wind chill in the 20s this morning? In March?) but will of course swing to freakishly hot in a heartbeat, and still no rain. God, how we need rain. We had a brief shower yesterday - the Weatherbunnies wiggled their whiskers and tails and predicted Armageddon! Thunder and wind and rain, oh my! We actually got clouds, a lot of wind, and a brief, semi-decent shower. And today the fire danger flags fly once again. We are coming into brush fire season here in Paradise. That's the season that isn't Hurricane Season or Snowbird Season. Storms, fires, and Ohio Retirees in RVs - those are the true Florida seasons.

Murphy gave me some concern the last few days - he's not his bouncy little self. But, he's also the neurotic dog who will refuse to walk if a leaf is stuck to the hair on his paw, (no lie - he stops and holds the paw up delicately, and trembles). He started the last 3 or so days kinda sluggish and reluctant and unhappy, and ended them normally, so this morning I fought the urge to call in and schedule an emergency vet appointment. This evening he was fine. I think this freakishly cold weather is triggering a bit of arthritis in the nearly 9 year old (he turns 9 on the 24th) with bad knees. He is Suffering! He cannot endure the Pain! This evening he walked normally, and seemed fully recovered, and then he heard his fan club, the little girls up the street, and then he's Superdog, and pulled me toward them like a Clydesdale, so they can cuddle him and rub his tummy and tell him how precious he is! He appears to be okay. He's kinda like Woody Allen in a fur coat; which is disturbing enough when you think about it, but otherwise I think he's okay.

I think he needs another dog on a regular basis, to give him a shot from the Fountain of Doggy Youth, and remind him that he IS a dog. I may have to kidnap Dudley, for medicinal purposes. I'd love to have a puppy of our own, but my work hours make that impossible. But, if and when I am, ahem, free to deal with it, another baby may be in the offing. I want a baby, and Murphy needs a youthful doggy influence in his life.

And speaking of Medicinal Purposes - Girlchild has had yet another on the job injury. She has screwed up her back. I really hate to see this - as She Who Fucked Up Her Back at 19, while unloading trucks in delicate high heeled shoes (the glam life of high end designer retail), I am not happy that Girl made it 6 years past my record. But she's on light duty at work, and goes back to the worker's comp assigned doctor tomorrow. She's been hurting for a week, and it ain't getting better.

Knitting: I'm sorry I'm the world's most boring knitter. My current knitting therapy is an afghan from Patons Decor (yes, another one) in blues and creams and green. Not sure what I'll do with it. This is a damn springy yarn; I think you have to add about a 1/3 to the dimensions to take the bounce into account. I'm hoping this one will actually be human-sized. The last became a catghan. Not that he's not appreciative. He's delighted.


Brenda said...

Have you tried giving Murphy a piece of orange-flavored baby aspirin? When my other Yorkie was eleven years old, she developed arthritis in one of her front legs and I took her to the vet. He prescribed Rymadol, and over-did the dosage. I almost lost her. (It was horrible.) After she came out of it, I started giving her 1/ or 1/2 of a baby aspirin when she seemed gimpy, and that seemed to do the trick. She lived another two years after that.

ChelleC said...

Hey what was that shawl you made several months back. It was maybe from the Folk Shawls book? I was trying to remember but couldn't and dont' see it on your Ravelry projects. Somehow I was recalling it as a pattern that might make a good prayer shawl, since I've been making those lately. Let me know if it rings a bell.

Anonymous said...

Note to Murphy: ask Catherine for some Glucosamine in powder form. For an Enormous Killer Dog like yourself, a pinch/day would be plenty. May take a week to kick in, but the 22 and a half year old cat highly recommends the stuff. Once you are comfortable, two or three times a week will keep you happy.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

There's a glucosamine tablet, Cosequin, the vet has recommended and it may be time to start Murphy on it. I will never give him Rimadyl. Years ago my beloved golden retriever was put on Rimadyl and had a bad reaction to it. Murphy seems much better the last couple of days - as I said, he's not one who suffers bravely; if he has the slightest twinge of anything he mopes. I'll start him on Cosequin anyway; probably a good idea at his age.

Chelle, you didn't find that shawl in Ravelry because I didn't put it in there! (Lazy, lazy Raveler.) It's the Lacy Prairie Shawl from Folk Shawls, and yes, it would make a great prayer shawl - it's a fast easy knit, too.