Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh, so restful, my weekends!

I'm whining. Last night someone up the street had some sort of emergency which required emergency vehicles at 2 a.m. I will probably find out the details from the Voice of the Block when I next see him, but I had to get up at 5:15 so I wasn't really that curious at the time. Murphy was. He is very resentful that we do not have a way for him to see out of all windows at all times - so vital for proper Neighborhood Watchdogging. His response to this is to bark randomly, but very sternly, at whatever he might be missing. Murphy does not yap. Murphy barks. Fiercely and with purpose. With all the power an 8 lb. dog can muster, and gruffness and intent to put fear into whatever he's hearing but cannot see. Yeah. I really appreciate that at 2 a.m. when I have to get up at 5.

And why, you ask, did I have to get up so frigging early on a Saturday? Because, in a moment of corporate good-sportedness, I signed up to work a sweaty, backbreaking day doing set-up work at a convention. It really wasn't that awful; we got finished early and they fed us very well. But I still had to get up really early after a bad night's sleep. I am cranky now

I consoled myself by visiting the Apple Store on my way home, and worshipping before the iMac. Oh, yes, I want one. Damn. I played with applications and saw big, rich, crisp images, with no need of reading glasses. Did I mention that my new contacts are freaking awesome? My new eye doctor, because I love her enough now to return to the dreaded FL Eye Clinic of the layers of endless waiting rooms, damn, she gave me perfect contacts on the first try.

And I think I also want an iPod Touch. Perhaps my children could team up and get me one for Mother's Day?

But you, the Few, The Brave Bored, The Ones Who Still Read This, are wondering - did the house close? Nope. The delusional closing schedule the selling agent swore would be do-able of course was not - I knew that going in, but was willing to play along, because, whatever. As long as the loan gets funded and it closes on whatever day, I'm good. We are now back to the original, and even then overly ambitious, closing date of April 2. It is still on track - the bank (and it's a real bank and one of the few that still has money) sent the appraiser out on Thursday. Title company gal and I talked, and she thinks we can get it all together by the 2nd. Whatever. Whenever. I am a realist about the state of the real estate market in FL. It is in my best interest to be cheerfully supportive and flexible, and play along.

So right now I am a very tired good sport. It's Saturday night, and I'm dreaming of going to bed by 9.

We are supposed to get rain tonight (yay) and I'm thinking of spending tomorrow Messing Around in the Kitchen. I feel a muffin baking session coming on...something involving whole wheat and maybe buttermilk.

Knitting blog? Oh, seriously, you want talk of knitting? Okay, I'm still plugging away on the afghan in Patons Decor. And I really like that stuff. It's only 25% wool but I swear it is woolly and springy and easy on the hands, and can withstand abuse.

And MDS&W looks more and more do-able. Shhhh....


Anonymous said...

It is amazing just how BIG some of the smaller dog breeds can sound - and very convenient to have such a big threatening bark in such a small package. Many of the Pekes I have known (and loved, the stubborn little so-and-so's) have had the same talent. I have got used to the Italian Greyhounds - once you have acknowledged their warning outburst, they then trust you to take charge, which a Terrier will never do.........

Gallant Murphy,

Gae, in Callala Bay

Linda said...

Don't worry about the knitting. That comes when time allows, you know that. You've beenbusy for Pete's sake! We're all still here. Ehrn you have time to knit something we'll be very interested to see it!

Martha said...

Miz C,

Yes to MD S & W - would love to see you!

And good luck w/ the closing. Hope T.H.E. day comes very soon!


k said...

Knitting? What knitting? I never saw you do that..Me neither.

caroline said...

We got yer rain here now and thankfully. Why the latter? Because I can cheerfully avoid hacking at the bougainvilla due to the rain, heh. no guilt. Sorry your closing didn't happen yet but crossing all available digits that it does happen this coming week. Whoa. what if we both move our properties along on the same day?!? Now that would be reason for a Champagne KAL, yes?