Saturday, March 14, 2009

One of the Weird Things About Getting Old

Is you start to lose track of the Age of Your Stuff. You know what I mean - when you get out of college, you can look at your TV and say "I bought that in college." When you have kids, you can say (as I do) that I bought that ugly but incredibly warm green down coat when my daughter was in 6th grade (I was chaperoning a trip to New York City in February). My now 25 year old daughter. Um. Yeah, it's an old, ugly coat.

But then your kids grow up and you can't really use them as benchmarks for the age of all of your stuff, and it all starts to blur, and one day your vacuum cleaner starts coughing up dust and you look at it and realize you don't even know how old it is. I finally figured out that I bought it while our golden retriever was alive, because Bailey's hair had hammered Hoovers and exorcised Dirt Devils, and I finally broke down and spent the bucks on an Oreck, and yes, they are as good as they are reputed to be. But mine is, let's see - I've been in this house 13 years, I had it when I moved here...but how long before I moved here is the question. I am fairly sure its age is somewhere around 17.

I took a 3 mile walk this a.m., then moved furniture for an hour or so. The double dresser is now in the back room with the twin bed, both waiting for a new home. I couldn't move the elliptical machine single-handedly, that sucker is heavy and awkward as hell, but I pushed it out of the way. Then I moved the desk into the other "back room" - the wee sunny room off my bedroom - the desk will be downgraded to craft table when I find a new desk. So I got a good workout today. But my house is not clean. I had ambitions of vacuuming and dusting and mopping, but when I fired up the vacuum, a cloud of dust rose and only weak and minimal suckage was happening. Alas, poor Oreck is coughing up dust - seriously, dust is leaking from places that were sealed, which defeats that whole "vacuum" concept - so the house remains grubby. But I moved a lot of furniture.

So it was time to get a new vacuum - my alternative is to take it to the Oreck hospital and get it back in a week or ten days and quite a few dollars, and they will rehabilitate it, and it will still be over 15 years old. Yeah, I think we have hit the point of diminishing returns. I might get around to bringing the Oreck to the hospital and getting an estimate on fixing it. If it's reasonable, I will keep it as a spare. It's a noble vacuum. It served well. Or I could give it to Boy or something.

So I got cleaned up and took myself to Target this afternoon. I got me a purple Dyson Animal! Rrrowww! It's the one with the ball! And did I mention that it is purple? It's purple! And it's just beyond sad that I am jazzed about buying a purple vacuum cleaner. But I am. Oh, and my credit report is definitely all better and back to normal - the nice Target Lady pointed out that if I opened a Target card I'd get the 10% off my purchase, and since I was buying a Dyson and it was my Most Expensive Target Trip EVER! I saw the wisdom of this. It went through, no problem. I probably won't use the card again, but it made sense to buy it that way.

When we last left Girlchild's Back Injury, she had been cleared by the worker's comp doctor to return to work - and the very next day, she did some ordinary thing we all do all the time, not even one of the physically demanding things her job demands, and was in severe pain again. This time she saw a different and better doctor, who doesn't think she has screwed up her back permanently, but that she has a hellacious lumbar strain. She's now on steroids plus pain meds, and if it doesn't feel better in a week the doctor will send her for ultrasound therapy. And, of course, she is back on light duty - but she, and her mama, heaved a huge sigh of relief when the Not Stupid Doctor didn't think there was any major damage. I wish she'd gone to this woman first - she and her partner are both board certified, and he's actually an expert in back pain matters - Girl didn't know this when she went to the OTHER guy, who is much closer to home. N.B.: It's worth the shlep to Leesburg to see Dr. Proud. I wish she wasn't way the hell up in Leesburg; she sounds like someone I'd like as my regular doctor.

Tomorrow I think there will be another round of furniture shopping. I also need to run an ad for the elliptical machine (I'm sorry, the ones at the gym have spoiled me) and the cemetery plots. Making room, clearing the decks, getting ready for new things, just as soon as I figure out what new things I want. The purple vacuum was easy; furniture is hard.


Linda said...

Ooooo! A PURPLE vaccuum! Squeeee! How cool is that?!

Catherine said...

I know! What could I do? It was purple. It had to be MINE. Plus Cousin C has a Dyson and loves it, and everyone I know with one loves it. And Poor Oreck was coughing up dust in a really scary, death rattle kinda way. So the purple Dyson Animal had to come home with me.

Anonymous said...

"Alas, poor Oreck" love that!

As I love my purple Dyson, too. It's the older one but I absolutely wouldn't give it up for anything. It's disgusting the crap it pulls out of the carpet each and every time. eeeewwww


ellen said...

I bought the Dyson Animal too. I can't believe the dog is not bald with all the hair I pick up every time I use it.

k said...

When I was a slip of a girl, I was at a friend's parents' house, and they got talking about how old the freezer was. And got out the bible and said, "Look. Mabel got married on the 25th of August in '68, and it came that morning." I just about split, laughing so hard. Now, not so much.
My vacuum is still good, so I don't get to buy a purple vacuum. I'm crushed.

Catherine said...

OMG, the crap this thing pulled out of my carpet!! Boris hair and dust and dirt and ye gods, it was disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm. And flea carcasses too, no doubt. I would love one of those purple Animals, but have to wait a while longer until mine dies. Why I just got it, let's see... my goodness. 15 years ago!

Now I think about it, it's doing pretty good for that age.

How is the Animal on bare floors?


Anonymous said...

The scary thing is debating with Himself whether the appliance in question is 3 or 5 years old, giving in and going to the filing cabinet and learning that it is actually closer to 10 or 12. Which of course means replacement time is probably lurking just out of sight over the horizon. The only useful 'marker' we have is 1992 (the year we moved out of Sydney) anything bought since then falls into 'a few years ago'.

Must be gettin' old,

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

I feel so much better that keeping track of the age of things is hard for everyone! I have the same marker - I moved into this house in 1996. Anything after that is basically a blur. I feel like I just remodeled the kitchen yesterday, but it was, hello, almost 5 years ago. The "new" carpet in the back bedrooms? Uh, yeah, 4 years old.
My father used to tell me how time picks up speed as we get older, and damn, he wasn't kidding.

Catherine said...

The Animal is great. It has this nifty push button thingie that turns off the fierce beater brushes, so you can use it on tile, wood, whatever. My main living area is tile; carpet goes down the hall to the two smaller bedrooms and my bedroom is carpeted. The rest (most of the square footage of the house) is tile, so a machine that was good for bare floors was a necessity.

Katie said...

I hope you have better luck with the Dyson Animal then we have had. Have had it two years and about 4 months ago it just totally crapped out on us. I COULD send it to the UK for repairs (as suggested by the Dyson hotline), but at this point I don't feel like paying the nearly $200 shipping to have that done.

Francesca said...

Ever since I graduated from college in 1990, I have a) missed being in school with a vengeance and b) been unable to keep track of any year with the exception of the facts that I do know I married in 1997 and split up in 2002.

Otherwise, it's all a blur.