Friday, April 10, 2009


Sorry for the silent week; I've been using up all my words on other things lately. I only have so many, and most of them are used on things that are not blogfodder.

The week is over, I'm still employed. It was hot, then weirdly chilly, and now it's hot again. I think it's safe to take the blanket off the bed and put it away until November.

I have a busy and fun weekend planned. Keep in mind that my idea of fun is other people's idea of boring, because I am absurdly low maintenance, but I do enjoy a selfish weekend of doing things only I find amusing.

Stay tuned for: Actual knitting content! And pictures! And...stuff!

Or not, because it's mostly lame things that only I can find amusing. I'm going to go to Home Depot! And buy tomato plants! And herbs! And we can begin the countdown, because when I dare to do this, it triggers a drought and a month of 90+ degree days and everything dies! Oh, the fun of gardening! Shit, I just spoiled the highlight of the next post. Oops.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

And don't you just love the way it alway turns out? You nurse your tomatoes through every hazard, and by the time they are ripe, the shops are practically giving them away.

But home grown and ripened tastes so much better.

Just had a lovely afternoon: Son and his family, and my (89 yo, dementia affected father) all here for lunch. Good tucker, lots of talk, lots of laughter. And home grown green beans to go with the meal.

We are lucky, Dad's dementia is mainly memory (or lack of) and does not affect his personality. And he was able to spend the day with his little Alleged Chihuahua, Jessie. Worn out.

Gae in Callala Bay

k said...

We should all start our posts, "The week is over, and I'm still employed." I hope.
What is the French for it? Le vie quotidienne? Enjoy the rhythms of a quiet life for a while.

Anonymous said...

SO jealous of impending tomatoes. My mom grew them when I was growing up and in the summer I'd love to go smell the leaves and look for tomatoes. I have no sun on my balcony, or I'd be right there with you.


Linda said...

My blog has been quiet too. As for actuall crochet, um, not so much. Enjoy your weekend!

Catherine said...

Oh, we will have to wait to see if there are impending tomatoes. There are weeks of impending drought and pestilence looming between me and actual tomatoes.

I planted them yesterday and they are already working their magic - we had a chance of rain today, but the tomatoes warded it off. Hot, dry. I gave everything a drink this evening.