Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How I Woke Up This Morning, by Me.

The alarm is set for 4:50 a.m. (Yes, it does suck.) At 4:45, I awakened to the sound of Dudley, on the bed, chewing at his hind leg/butt cheek. You know that sound - a dog working on an itch. So I was half awake, listening to this sound, wondering what time it was, and whether I had the energy to tell him to knock it off, when...Dudley Farted.

It was a spectacular, very long, very loud, very comical fart - which would have been funny enough, but his response was even better. He LEAPED off the bed in a panic. It was like he blew himself off the bed. He had been chewing a spot on his butt, and he must have farted into his own ear. Then, when he heard me laughing, he jumped back into the bed and gave me a huge greeting: "Did you hear that BIG, SCARY sound? OMG, I'm so glad you're awake!"

As his mommy said, this dog could have his own reality TV show - just follow him around with cameras rolling, and edit it into a half hour.

As much as I hate getting up so early, this morning I did start the day laughing. That only lasted until I left the house, but it was refreshing.

One more day until vacation. I think I can make it. I'm off Thursday, which is good because this damn house has generated more Special Opportunities to Write Checks, and I can take care of one of them bright and early on Thursday, then launch on a day of errands and packing - not that packing will be elaborate; there's a good chance of rain, so it will be a jeans and old shoes kind of wardrobe. Because Friday, it's off to Maryland Sheep and Wool - yarn, wine, funny conversation, food, sheeps and lambies, and my personal faves, the alpacas.

On the same day I leave for MD, Boy will be leaving in the opposite direction, flying from Asheville to Seattle, to open a new location for his employer. He's scheduled to be out there for about six weeks, and I hope he finds some time to see some sights and have some fun.

Meanwhile, Girl's back is still FUBAR. No word on the scheduling of the MRI yet.


Linda said...

Maryland Sheep & Wool! Yarn AND Wine?!?!! That totally beats Stitches South! Have a GREAT time!

Linda said...

And Dudley scaring himself? Priceless!

ChelleC said...

You have a wonderful well-deserved vacation. MS&W sounds like just the thing to make you smile. And Dudley's story is very funny. I can just picture it.

Elizabeth Psyck said...

Our dog did that once a while back. The was just sitting on the carpet and he made a rather loud one...and his head just WHIPPED around and he STARED at his butt...looked at my dad...stared at his butt. My dad couldn't help but just start laughing.