Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Fun!

First, did you see this Majorly Adorable Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant yet? Too cute.

Murphy had a haircut appointment this morning, and he got basically shaved down - his coat was a mess, and it needed to be done. I don't keep him in a long Yorkie coat anymore; as he has matured his coat lost that non-tangling silky quality it had in his youth. While he was at the "day spa" (and damn, it does cost like one) I made the rounds of errands. Mundane, mostly- but I have been on a quest for new living room furniture. I love my furniture, but it has just plain worn out. The fabric is so worn that it is splitting. It is faded and smooshed and just plain done. I have shopped and shopped, but I could not bring myself to bring comparably "nice" (as it was in its youth, I mean) furniture into a house with These Old Cats. So I decided to downscale my furniture snobbery, give up my "But, I want to select my own fabrics!" decorator instincts, and started shopping the stores that offer Many Shades of Brown.

I scored something I can live with at Ashley. I wandered the store and sat on a lot of sofas, and felt drawn back to the set called Lariat. If you go to their website and put that in the search box, you'll see it. I didn't even notice it online, and probably would have been put off by the description, as well as the name - it sounds so cowboy-ish. I am allergic to horses - well, actually hay bothers me, it's not the horse, I think they are lovely - but a cowboy-country-themey thing? Oh, so extremely not me. Edited to clarify - because I just used the search box - it's the Lariat - Saddle. Which sounds extremely more not like me. Yet, in person, it does not conjure images of a cattle drive.

So I ignored it in my online pre-shop, but walked back to it after touring in person. It really isn't at all Roy Rogers in person - though it does have nailheads and I am not a big fan of the nailhead, these blend in and aren't that obvious, and I like the rounded arms. I took a pic in the store and emailed it to Girlchild, who totally approves and now wants to replace her sectional when she moves out of the rented townhouse. :-) AND, I got a sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman for what I was bracing myself to pay for a sofa. Yeah, it's cheap, but it's attractive cheap, and if I get 4-5 good years out of it I'm happy. I had the salesman in stitches when I told him I was buying "temporary" furniture that just had to outlive the cats. It's funny because it's true. It's very comfortable, will be easy to clean, (cat hair cannot weave itself into the surface, and I paid extra for fabric protection). The chair fits me perfectly - not too big, not too squishy, just right, with the right arm support for knitting. :-) I really didn't need the loveseat but it was 50% off, so I said what the hell. :-) The throw pillows are a really attractive pattern and contain just a hint of the red that is on the lower half of my living room walls. If you have bothered to look at it online, the pillows are quite different in person - online they look tan and brown and vaguely Southwestern. In person they are black and cream and tan and red, in a sophisticated small pattern that struck me as vaguely Middle Eastern. Like I said, that "Lariat" name is very dubious. The fabric is some sort of manmade hybrid of leather and polyester, or so I gathered. I like it - it's soft to the touch but has no "weave" where cat hair can become entrenched. I can vacuum. And this set will look awesome with my existing tables, and lamps, and the one red chair I am keeping.

I love it when decor comes together, and I'm ecstatic when it comes together on the cheap, and with 0% financing for a year! Woot! I will pay it off before the year is up, of course, but it means I don't have to tap any of the principal in the bank. Other People's Money!! So far I have a new computer and a new living room, and have spent about 1/4 of the money I'd budgeted for Lifestyle Improvement. NOT that I am obligated to spend every dime I budgeted, of course. If I can do it for half and be thrilled with the end result, well, WOOT!

I also went to Home Depot and bought herbs and tomatoes and pots and potting soil - those two dish gardens I received when my mother died are in dire need of attention. I am going to pull the healthy plants out and re-pot them, and trash the stuff that is sickly. Tomorrow will be spent in the backyard playing in dirt. I'm done for today. I stayed up too late last night and woke up too early this morning; tonight will be an early night. I'm feeling a great sense of accomplishment. :-)


Linda said...

nice choice on the furniture! I'm sure it will lok very lovely in your room! Happy Easter!

Catherine said...

I'll post a picture next weekend after it's all in place. I'm tickled that I actually found something that felt RIGHT - because I am an awful furniture snob. I want to do it MY WAY. I like to pick my fabrics and have ideas of my own and don't want to choose from 47 shades of beige. I love my current living room and wouldn't be changing it if the upholstered furniture wasn't beyond redemption. But I can work with this!

caroline said...

Hey, new page, new furniture,YAY!

Let the magic carpet keep unfurling, I say. Looking forward to the pictures.

ellen said...

Good furniture choice, I'd say. I have a couple of Ashley pieces myself, for much the same reason. They're pretty good value for money - cute and stylish without costing so much you'd feel like you had to keep them forever.