Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunday Sloth - or the lack thereof.

I promised myself that today would be slothful. I am not feeling too great - upset tummy - and swore that I would spend the entire day on my sorry old couch. Apparently I suck at sloth now. I used to be good at it. Must write "Regain ability to veg on couch all day" to my to-do list.

Here's someone who is giving it his best effort:

I think my baby boy isn't feeling so great, but he eats with gusto and is always ready for a walk. I think it's a touch of arthritis, and he is not one to suffer bravely. We did have a lovely walk this morning, he walked an entire mile at his slow speed, and we met his favorite neighbor dog. There is an elderly Australian Shepherd we've seen on walks for years - poor old girl limps badly now and is obviously getting way up in years, but she is a sweetie pie who still loves her walks, and she loves Murphy and Murphy adores her. Murphy spotted her approaching with her human from a block away, and there was no moving him until she hobbled her way down the street to greet him. They had a nice sniff and Murphy solemnly kissed her nose, and then they each resumed their walk.

And here is evidence that Cousin C really needs to step away from the QVC:

I was in the garage with the door open a while back, when the UPS man pulled up - I knew I hadn't ordered anything so I was puzzled, until I saw the QVC logo on the box - ahh. Cousin C Strikes Again. Yes, it really is dirt. And shamrock seeds. And a very pretty Baleek bowl, far too nice to actually put dirt in, even if it is "authentic Irish soil." I do believe C outdid herself this time.

And, believe it or not, we have an actual finished knitted object! This is the Suggestive Shrug from The Yarn Girls' Guide to Knits for All Seasons, in Euroflax Linen, in a color that I think was called Sea Hawk. (I think it might be discontinued, which is a shame, because it is really cool.) It had been hanging around mostly finished but for the crocheted edging, for many months, and I finally pulled it out and finished it. I love it - it is a great FL sweater, just enough to keep the chill off in an overly air-conditioned restaurant. I just bought a brown knit skirt which I also love to pieces, and will wear said skirt with a black tank and this sweater. And the good flip flops. You know you are in Florida when you have a wardrobe of flip-flops, including nice brown ones by Rockport.

I also did housework, taxes, laundry, and moved furniture. My mother's hope chest is now down the hall in one of the spare bedrooms, and my desk is back in the living room. I have concluded that I cannot have my desk near a window, because cats are no respecters of computer hardware if there is a sunny window behind. I was typing away at my desk yesterday when Higgins decided to take the short cut to the windowsill, and just sailed up and over me and the keyboard, narrowly missing my beverage. I surrender. The desk is now back in a place where there is no major incentive to sleep on it.

Because yes, I did it - I ordered my new iMac; it should be here at the end of the week. And God help these frigging cats if they so much as breathe on it.

And another weekend winds down, and another week looms.


Linda said...

I love the sewater! Very nice! Hope you & Murph both feel better:)

Aarlene said...

Yes! I'm really wanting an iMac. I've had my iPhone for nearly two years now. It's too easy to use. I want that for the rest of my computing life.

Irish dirt!

And, the shine on Murphy, whoa...I need his hairdresser.

Catherine said...

That's grease, I think. He's a week overdue for a trip to the hairdresser. I should have bathed him this weekend, but neither of us felt like it.

Anonymous said...

Just reading your blog makes me happy, thank you!

caroline said...

The sweater is terrific. And yay for the getting of a new (non-anti-christ software) computer.
Hope the stomach upset subsides quickly. There are some wonderful glucosamine/chondroitin for dogs in a dropper avaiable at and other online discount petmeds sites. No prescription required. I found out about them from a vet's blog (Dolittler) and they've been pure magic for my 23 year old kitty. Just an idea...

dragon knitter said...

i wondered if you'd treat yourself to the iMac. good for you.

Martha said...

OOO-WWW, a new iMac - you go, girl! That sounds fabulous.

And your new FO is fabulous too.

Will we be seeing you at MD? Please say yes.


Catherine said...

Yes, I bought the iMac, and yes, it looks like I'm in for MD.