Friday, April 03, 2009

Tap tap this thing on?

Sorry. It's been a full and exhausting week.

The house has closed. Closed. Done. As in everybody got their docs back and the bank funded and the check is in the hands of that handsome stud in the brown shorts. (And is it just here, or does UPS hire a lot of really goodlooking men everywhere? We occasionally get a kind of ordinary looking guy as a fill-in, but the regulars all range from cute to seriously hot.)

As Boy texted me so eloquently, "Congratulations on surviving the last two years."

I am 50 years old, and for the first time in my life I answer to and am responsible for only myself. How crazy is that?

It really will take a little time to adjust. I had a strange, rough week, realizing the finality of all of this. My parents lived in Spring Hill for 30 years. That's longer than my kids' lifetimes. I never lived in Spring Hill, I had flown the parental coop in MD right about when they decided to move to Florida so it was never home for me, but it was "going to the Grandparents" for my kids' entire lives. I cursed that drive from every angle, because it really was 2 hours of suckage, but now I will never have to do it again. And that is weird. It's even more final than a funeral, in a weird, "maybe it's just me" way. So there is a tug, an untying of knots, a pain to this. Pain and also relief. The relief will take some time to sink in, but believe me, I will appreciate it.

It really has been a hideous year, and the end of a wild 3+ years. Another MDS&W is approaching, and I am planning to attend. The first and last time I got to go was in 2005. Then the second wave of Catherine's Personal Shitstorm started.

In May, 2006, my father was in and out of the hospital, on oxygen and a feeding tube. He died in June.

February 22, 2007, I had a ruptured brain aneurysm and a craniotomy (if we meet at MD, feel free to ask to touch the screw heads in my forehead, and ask yourself, as I have for the last 2 years, why the hell they didn't use flat head screws. I mean, seriously, this would be unacceptable in a fucking K-Mart coffee table.) I had brave thoughts of making the trip that year, but that would have been insane.

Last year around this time, I drove to Spring Hill and took my mother to the ER, because she was feeling poorly, and the rest is history. So, yeah, I've been on a 3 year adventure, if you don't count2005 when I changed jobs to the company that went under in 2007, or 2004 when I got hit by 3 hurricanes, or 2003 when my husband died, or 2001-2003 while he was sick.... shit. I get tired just reading my own history.

But! Onward and upward! The dust has settled on the latest year from hell, I am still employed, I have plans for the future, I have money in the bank, and it's time to become the Most Selfish Bitch Ever and focus on MEEEE! Self-absorbed? I will make Paris Friggin' Hilton look like Mother Teresa!

But first, I will catch up on my rest, and recorded TV shows, and then more rest.


k said...

Yes. I wish I could do the same.
Taste some caviar for me, even if it might not be Beluga.
And a couple of the local UPS guys are lookers....

Ginnie said...

1- I think it is part of the app process to require only pretty men at UPS.

2- Congrats on the house being all done.

3- I have been reading you since the 2004 election, and I hope for you that the Catherine Personal Shitstorm is done also.

4- I have roundy head screws in my leg. You can feel them through the skin. WHo knows why they do what they do?

5- Go get yourself a little present, though I know in these times spending frivolously not a great idea, but jeez, you deserve something.

ellen said...

Congratulations! Play a little, buy yourself a nice treat, and put your feet up for an entire weekend. What fun!

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaaaaaaah, now I can uncramp my crossed fingers.

All the best for a calm, peaceful and uneventful future - although you might not know what to do with it. But you will learn.........

Think up a treat for yourself - or several.

All the best,

Gae, in Callala Bay

caroline said...

wow. just wow. congratulations, girlfriend! You've earned every bit of the rest and ease. the finality is a terrible wrench, it's true. But you wouldn't be the perceptive and sensitive soul you are if you were immune to it. Now to the really big question. Ready?
What's Murphy going to do now that he has you all to himself? huh? HUH?

KatyaR said...

Congratulations on the house and your new FREEEEEEE-dom!

I hope you treat yourself to something FABULOUS--you soooo deserve it!

k said...

Flatheads would probably catch. Ew.

Martha said...

Miz C,

You party animal, you ^ .. ^

Congrats on being an inspiring, humorous survivor. What a ride you have had. Glad that you have so much behind you.

Cheers & a toast (of some good wine) to you!


Anonymous said...

I started reading sometime in 2006, I guess, because it was just before the brain thang. I've never met you, but I think we'd be friends! I'm exhausted just reading the summary. You have definitely earned some down time. Good luck for the future. Kiss Murph for me.


Aarlene said...


I've got round heads in my arm. Maybe they've got more clamping power?

We used to have a body builder looking fed ex guy. WOW!

Catherine said...

Hey, maybe that's it! I only know woodworking stuff, and I couldn't figure out why a screw that goes into bone had to stick up like this. You are probably right, and of course, the location of my brain bleed dictated where they had to use the power saw. It's really not gross and it doesn't bother me, but it's a Secret Little Weirdness. And I will be a little old lady wearing bangs.