Thursday, April 16, 2009

Typing to you

from a new iMac, and a sort of empty living room.
It's not totally empty, but the echo created by the removal of comfortable soft surfaces is truly remarkable. A few photos of the experience:

the last surviving piece of upholstered furniture. This is the chair I bought for my mother's assisted living apartment. It's comfy and like brand new. The cats immediately decided it was a great place to clean their butts.

No kidding - I took the slipcover off to wash it, because it was very coated in Higgins, and when I turned around:

They rarely bother to occupy the same chair. This weekend will be exhausting for them - they will have to shed and clean themselves for days to get the new furniture to feel like theirs.

College Hunks Hauling Junk. Nice, nice young men. Not cheap; but they do try to find a home for your old stuff, and also contribute to scholarship funds. Worth it - I couldn't find a charity to take it, and even if I could round up two strong male friends with a very big pickup truck who could be persuaded to give up their limited free time for fun like this, it would take multiple trips to move this stuff. These nice young Hunks thought they could find a place to donate it, and if so, yay for them.

And it's Friday. Yay.


Linda said...

The observation "The cats immediately decided it was a great place to clean their butts" and accompaning photo killed me! Too funny!

Bess said...

nothing so attractive as big guys hauling off heavy stuff you don't want any more. beautiful photo. Great cat shot too. The caption should be I haz no shame

Toni said...

I had the same problem when I needed to get rid of some furniture. None of the local charities would take it because it was too big, which is fair. Goodw*ll wouldn't take it because my cats had scratched it. So I used Freecycle, I put up my offer weeded through the flakes and two days later my furniture went to a houseful of college kids who were outfitting their first apartment. They came and hauled everything away and were very grateful. Have a wonderful weekend.

Catherine said...

I considered Freecycle, but the thought of inviting strangers into my house to look at the furniture put me off it.

Toni said...

I think that if we had people who had insisted they wanted to look at it before making a decision I would have moved everything into the garage. But I talked to the aunt of one of the young men before the pickup, and she assured me that they were going take everything so I felt o.k. with the arrangement.

k said...

You have such wonderful taste. Show us more of your house, please.
(I hope I don't sound sarcastic. That burgundy-ish in the living room, if that's what it is - monitor questions arise - is really wonderful.)

Catherine said...

The wall color has been there forever - my husband painted it shortly after we moved in. I was thrilled to find new furniture that would look good with it, because I really didn't want to repaint this cavern. You've seen my non-resale friendly blue bedroom and my kitchen remodeling project - the rest of the house is extremely basic and sort of like a storage unit. :-)

Catherine said...

Linda - I swear to GOD, it wasn't 3 minutes from the moment I took the slipcover off until both cats jumped in and Higgins began his act of personal hygiene.