Thursday, May 21, 2009

Could Be Worse, Could Be Raining! Oh. Shit.

The Job That Would Not DIE!!! has now passed its first birthday, and still, the shit just keeps on comin'. I envy the laid off. I really shouldn't sound so negative; I really admire the company and love the people in the office. But I'm driving too far for too little money to do something that I have to work hard to give the teeny-tiniest rat's patootie about. I'm making enough money to tread water, but not enough to retire. If I were thirty and in this economic climate, I'd have a more mellow, let it be attitude. But, I'll be 51 next month. And every day, I feel pushed to take a leap of faith.

Yesterday, my normally damn near an hour drive home took two hours. There was an accident en route. They were dragging one of the vehicles off the shoulder as I finally inched past - the damage didn't look that dramatic, I have personally been in worse, and Boy certainly has done better in his day, so I feel justified in being annoyed that it took an hour of my life. Bad enough the job is sucking out my will to live; this was salt in the wound. I am too old, too tired, too not having a good time. And life is looking shorter every month, and this is the wrong way to spend it. Pleeeze, lay me off! Pleeeze!!

A number of shitty things are taking place in the world of the Bossy Dogs; a foot of rain since Sunday night is the very least of them. But we will try to focus on the positives.

I have perfected the best iced coffee. I had bought a small French press pot at Target a while back, and tried it a couple of times, and decided that I am just a drip coffee gal. The French press coffee is too heavy and oily for me to drink hot. I know it is much richer and less filtered than drip coffee. I just don't like it that way.

But then I thought, "Heeey...?" If it's too heavy and rich to drink hot, how would it be cut with ice and milk? It's perfect! I brew a wee press pot, using the same cheap Eight O'Clock coffee your grandma drank (their Columbian, in case you really care) press it, and then stick it in the fridge to chill for a while, just so it doesn't melt the ice the instant it hits. I use that 1% Smart Balance milk and a packet of Splenda, and it is perfection! The only way to make it More Perfect was to add one of those flavored Splenda things for coffee, or some other flavoring. I am awed by how good this turned out. So I have a summer coffee drink for the long slog to work, and it has me drinking more milk, which is also a good thing.

BTW, in case you missed the story, Consumer Reports rated Eight O'Clock above Starbucks, et al.

So, there you have it - This Week in Bossy Dog World. It is temporarily not raining, and I concocted a great iced coffee, and we are on the brink of a three day weekend.
At this particular moment, that is enough to make me happy.


Linda said...

Three day weekend, yea!!!! One of the guys at work is on vacation and the rest of the office is sitting on their hands "Not my job" style. My meds may not keep me from knocking some heads tomorrow. BUT like you said it's a 3 day weekend and my Dad is coming to visit!!! Yea! Hope you get a break in the rain.

Charlotte said...

Any chance you could rent out your house and get an apartment closer to your job?

Catherine said...

No, I can't do that - the market is flooded with rental properties as it is, I couldn't get enough in rent to offset my carrying cost. But I wouldn't want to do that anyway - living closer would not change the fundamental issues with the job.

dragon knitter said...

hubbie drinks the 8'0clock french roast (we buy the beans and grind themourselves.) i actually only pay about $4.91 per pound (it's $3.68 for 12 oz at the evilmart), and a bag lasts hubbie a week.

they also have a bonus program where you can earn rewards. it's

i'm going for the $25 visa card,lol

Anonymous said...

OK, Things WILL get better. They just take their #^&%G time for you, ya know?

Florida seems to be ending its drought in a big way- TWC just shows some big spinning clouds on top.

Kiss Murph.


Catherine said...

Yeah, I'm really close to that $25 VISA card. :-)