Sunday, May 24, 2009

Got Catnip?

I sure as hell do. Six days of rain created a bumper crop. I'm going to cut it back tomorrow, and every cat in the neighborhood will think it's Christmas, New Year's Eve and Mardi Gras all rolled into one.

The basil, lemon balm and mint are also Herbs Gone Wild. No pics of the rosemary, but it's running amok too.

Unfortunately, the tomatoes didn't get the memo. The cherry tomatoes (which I'm not overly fond of anyway) are doing fine, but the tomato-tomatoes are on a "One Fruit at a Time" program.

Because I don't have enough herbs I don't know what to do with yet, today I bought a couple of sages and a couple of lavenders. And jalapenos - I know for a fact that hot peppers LOVE this yard, but when I grew them in the past I didn't know what to do with them. Now I want these peppers to be prolific little monsters, so I can make the incredible stuffed jalapenos S's partner J did back at Thanksgiving - they were wrapped in bacon and broiled on a low temp until they were melty, tender, caramelized, and awesome. I want to make them.

And, while Cheese Quest continues, Beer Quest has scored!! The Publix liquor store (Publix has only a few liquor stores they inherited by buying failed Albertson's stores, I think) carries Highland Brewing Co.'s St. Therese's Pale Ale, which is as good as I remembered.

As weekends go, this one is way above average.


rho said...

of course you do know that the peppers that grew so well before won't grow hardly at all this year because you have a fabulous recipe for them right?

Catherine said...

Yeah, that is most likely true. This summer will be too wet, too something.

dragon knitter said...

will have to check that beer out for hubbie. he got a 6 of harps, and apparently guiness has changed the formulation :(.

we also make bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers (but we put more than cream cheese in the filling, they're to DIE for!)

Anonymous said...

See? Rain is doing some good things for the garden. I hope you get lots of peppers and more tomatoes so the one isn't lonely.