Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Look! Proof I do knit!

I bought this shiny microfiber ribbon from Tess' Designer Yarns while at MDS&W.

And I have ALREADY transformed it into a finished knitted garment!
Okay, it's a very small, garter stitch knitted garment. But still, I did it in less than a week, in a very slippy but lovely microfiber ribbon. You do NOT want to drop a stitch in this stuff. Trust me.

The pattern. I was not satisfied with the finishing of that slippery, slinky microfiber, so I added a crocheted edging around the front and neckline, to hide some things that didn't satisfy me.

It took me about 3 days to knit it, and another to get around to buying the ribbon tie, added just this morning. I realized today that I didn't have a card! I was so proud that I had found cute tissue wrapping paper and a gift bag, but no card - but it was an office gift so I just gave it a sticky note. It seemed appropriate. If we waited for me to get around to the card selection the baby girl due in a couple of weeks might be starting preschool. Of course, it will also make a cute baby doll sweater someday.

The yarn is machine washable, too! I refuse to make or buy a baby gift that needs special handling - why not just go all out and give a new mother a puppy while you're at it? While I am as charmed by the thought of cashmere baby blankets as the next person, in reality, I want things I make to get used. I hope this will be used, abused, barfed on, and enjoyed.


Linda said...

Very nicely done and pretty yarn!

zippiknits said...

Lol! A puppy! That sounds about right.

Very sweet sweater and rainbows of color, too.

I'm sure the sticky note is just fine. One less thing to deal with!