Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pesto Madness.

This is the first year I have had actual success at growing basil! So far, (knocks wood) nothing has attacked it, and it is growing like crazy. So yesterday I transplanted the two basil plants out of their pots and into a planter, so they could have more elbow room. This morning, while they were all fragrant, I went out and cut them back to half their size. This yielded around 4 cups of leaves, which sent me in search of a pesto recipe. And I dragged the bigass food processor out of the closet and fired it up.

My son gave me that food processor a few years ago - I had asked for one. I was thinking of a wee little Cuisinart baby gadget - Boy, being a GUY, felt bigger was better, more power, Arrgh arrgh arrgh. So he bought me this model, which really is fabulous and could double as a wood chipper. Good thing the basil was prolific enough to do it justice - I actually doubled the recipe, and had plenty of room.

Dinner was of course pasta with pesto - and that will be lunch tomorrow, too. I'm thinking it may top salmon one night this week, and then there's still a load in the freezer to pass along to Girlchild.

Girlchild and her BF are at the Magic vs. Celtics game tonight. I care not a bit for basketball - I have been to college games and a pro game, and basketball still doesn't thrill me. It even ranks behind baseball, and I don't like baseball much either. Sports-watching-wise, I'm strictly a football gal. So I'm not at all jealous that I'm not there. But they have AMAZING seats, scored at the last minute when someone else couldn't use them, and just because she's there, I will actually offer a sincere, Go Magic. I understand that is what we are supposed to say, right? Okay. Go Magic. Whoo.


Anonymous said...

DH, Ernst, has had a VERY successful crop of basil, and has also had a lot of fun making pesto.

BUT, the first crop of basil was ready for processing, and no pine nuts in the house !! Macadamia nuts to the rescue.

It worked magnificently - a certain almost buttery richness, compared to the pesto with pine nuts. And, after all, the Macadamia is an Australian native.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

Oooh, what a great idea! I LOVE Macadamia nuts! I had to go buy pine nuts today - the ones in the pantry were way past their expiration date. It has been that long since basil was plentiful around here.

dragon knitter said...

blanched almonds work well too

ikate said...

As a Clevelander I have to say Go Magic! too because I pretty much hate Boston. She got to see a pretty good game...too bad they lost in the last second.

I used to not care about bball, but it's amazing what having a good time in your town will do to turn that around!

Catherine said...

It hasn't done it for me, but I am at least aware of the games. Which is far beyond my usual attention to All Things Magic. Seriously, I hope they keep winning - Girl and BF are about to drop more bucks for Thursday tickets. She's now a Magic fan. So mom will supportively say, "Whoo! Go Magic!" but I still won't bother watching.