Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Relaxation.

Up at 6.
Drop dog at groomer at 7:45 a.m.
Home Depot
Clean kitchen.
Clean pond filter, feed tomato plants, assess survival prospects of same (good) check on wee jalapenos (not good - they were drowned before they were strong enough to survive the pounding rain).
Replace toilet flapper.
Begin cleaning garage.
Color hair - while hair is cooking, clean bathroom.
Pack up assorted old cellphones to donate to Collective Good.
Hair is cooked, so shower, dress.
5 minutes later, phone rings - dog is done. Go pick up freshly groomed and bunny-soft little dog. Groomer reports said dog was loaded with fleas again.
Curse Frontline Plus Failure of 2009. Remind self to place order for a different brand of flea stuff.
Drop dog at home, check on progress of laundry.
It's 2 o'clock - I think it's quitting time - except for finishing laundry, that is. That was enough running around in 90 degree heat. Just another relaxing Saturday Chez Bossydog.


ellen said...

Yeah - it's the weekend version of the Second Shift. It works out to only having one day off per week unless you have family duties as well, in which case sometimes you're down to 1/2 day off. Still, I'd rather replace a toilet flapper in my own home than do anything at all at work.

Catherine said...

Me too! Replacing toilet flapper = doing something useful for myself! Nothing I do at work feels useful or benefits my future. It's the same reason I don't mind housework - I like to see tangible results that benefit ME.

Enjay said...

We've had horrible issues with fleas this year too. You might want to think about putting something like fleabusters on your carpet, we used that this year, along with switching to advantage, and it really knocked them down.

Catherine said...

I have a pest control company on contract; I've had the yard and house treated (and I don't have much carpet; mostly tile flooring). It's nowhere near as bad as it was in January, but it's an ongoing war. It's the Frontline that let me down - Murphy does go for walks, so treating the house and yard only helps so much, so the stuff I put on him has to really discourage them. Frontline is taking too long to work. I just ordered K-9 Advantix, and I'll give him a Capstar every few days in between. We shall see.

Glizzer said...

You might also want to check out BioSpot. I use it with all three of my dogs, works great for fleas, and on ticks as well. Best of all, it's cheap!! It's only 16 or 17 dollars for a 6 month supply. It's at PetSmart), or KV Vet Supply (