Sunday, June 14, 2009


Much as it pains me, and much as Maher overstates things a bit to make his point, I basically agree here. More Audacity! More! Especially on health care!


Anonymous said...

I have to admit that anything and everything I read or hear about the American 'health system' scares me silly, and I thank whatever made me an Aussie.

Now, our system ain't perfick, but tell me of a human designed system that IS!

Ernst is 75, I am 65, we are both retired and we are on a combo of pension and income from our own superannuation. Part of the pension (taxpayer funded) allows us a Health Care card - my asthma maintenance med. costs me $A5 per month, instead of $A78.

We also carry a mid-range private health cover - in case one of needs something like joint replacement, without joining a looong waiting list.

The only problem is dental - which is expensive here (where isn't it?)
and is NOT covered under Medicare.
Private health funds help here, but only about half.

Not perfect, but at least we feel we have a safety net.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

Dental is expensive everywhere, I think. But as for waiting, my daughter injured her back in February, and it has been an endless process - she finally got an MRI almost two months ago, two months after the injury, and has waited for the next referral - which still hasn't happened. I go crazy when I hear the brainwashed hear about how if we had universal care we'd have to WAIT! We DO WAIT!!! We wait just as long as you would without private insurance, but we pay a ton of money to wait. She has a slam-dunk worker's comp claim, documented on the job, etc., and she is still getting put through the delay wringer.

Catherine said...
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Catherine said...

Sub "talk" for second "hear" above. When they TALK About how if we had universal health care...they obviously don't know how we WAIT now, while paying top dollar for it.

Anonymous said...

Again, with the proviso that our system is not perfect, I think I can safely say that under our Worker's Compensation system, Girlchild would have had her MRI within a few days. The worst delay might be caused if the injury happened on a Friday afternoon, and she had to wait till Monday. Then straight to the best specialist in the field.

How do I know - the Son and Heir managed to mangle his right thumb quite badly at work (no details out of respect for the squeamish) and went straight to the *local suburban hospital* and that very evening was being examined by a top-notch hand specialist. Please note, not a big city teaching hospital - the specialist made at least 3 trips out to the hospital for assessment, surgery and after-care. The thumb is fine, this all happened 14 years ago, and the only limitation - he does not use the right thumb to operate the space bar on the keyboard - it is sort of mildly, meanly ouchy, like a little shock, so he has learnt to use the left thumb.

Gae, in Callala Bay.

oooh, the word verification is a bit weird, there is a local place name near us, Pyree!! very close!