Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Annoying as Always

Update for Murphy fans: He woke up this morning all bright-eyed and perky, is eating like a pig and taking his medicine without complaint. The listless little dog that scared the hell out of me for a couple of days is GONE, and the Bossy Little Dog is BACK, baby! The funny is that Higgins quickly figured out that I give Murphy his pill in a little blob of Laughing Cow cheese, and when I tell Murphy he needs his pill, Higgins appears too. He cries for his own blob of cheese, and I of course oblige. I'm happy to encourage him to eat blobs of creamy cheese, because this is the easiest way ever to get a pill into a cat when needed.


Linda said...

So glad Murphy is doing better.
We used to use the easy cheese in a can to pill our cats. Worked every time.

Anonymous said...

Back on his tucker (food) and giving cheek! That's good!

Gae, in Callala Bay

caroline said...

lord, you scared me. I had no idea he was ill. whew. SO glad he's his bossy self. hugs.