Friday, June 12, 2009

May I rant?

Of course I may. It's my blog, and I'll rant if I want to, rant if I want tooo, you'd rant too if it happened to Youuoooo!

(For the record, I remember that song as an oldie. There are still a few cultural references on earth before my time. Though they are fewer and fewer....)


I ordered shoes from Naturalizer online a few weeks ago. It was perhaps my most bizarro internets shopping experience yet, and that is saying something, because I do love shopping on teh internets. I spent damn near $300 on the site - for two pair of normal cute girly office/work shoes online, and a pair of MBTs - Google if you don't know what they are; I'm feeling link lazy at the moment. Girlchild of the effed-up back bought a pair and now swears by them, so I wanted some too, and Naturalizer had them on sale, cheep. And in my size. So, I ordered a boatload of shoes at once; two office-y styles and the MBT athletic style shoes. I have worn Naturalizers for freaking ever and swore by the company, and never expected to be ranting about it. But this is how it went down:

I never got an email confirming the order. I figured out that it went through when I saw my credit card was charged. Okay, that was weird. Checked spam folder - nothing. But, okay, shit happens, I will give it a few days.

A few days later, a forlorn single pair of shoes was on my doorstep. No invoice, nothing but a box of shoes in plastic. A few days later, ditto on the other pair. The MBTs on sale, the ones I was really waiting for? Nope.

So I called the number last Thursday, and was on hold for quite a while, before being connected to a nice lady who apologized and sent me a confirmation of my order via email, and said that the MBTs were coming from the warehouse and would ship that day or the next. Waited. Waited. Never showed up. So today, a week plus a day later, I called again.

Guy on phone checks and says, "I see those were returned and a credit was issued."


He: "OH, wait, I'm looking at a different screen. It says they weren't in stock and a credit was issued on June 8."

Me: "I didn't receive any notice of this, and was told they were shipping, which is why I am calling."

He: "I'm sorry about that."

Me: "Okay, here's the thing. I received no confirmation of the order, just two random pairs of shoes in two shipments."

He: (sounding proudly corporate) "Oh, yes, they ship those from the nearest store for most efficient delivery."

Me: "With no invoice or receipt?"

He: "Oh no, the stores don't have access to that information."

Me: (WTF???)

Me: "So I called last week and asked about the expensive pair I really wanted, and complained that I didn't even have an order confirmation, and did receive an order confirmation and was told the shoes were shipping. Now you tell me the order was canceled, yet nobody informed me of that either."

He: "Your account was credited."

Me: (Heroically holding back truly epic profanity.)

He: (cheerfully) "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

Me: "You haven't helped me. This order was screwed up from beginning to end."

He: (cheerfully) "Thank you for shopping with Naturalizer!"

Me: "That won't EVER happen again."

I still like their shoes, but their website? Never again.


Anonymous said...

This is why I stick with Zappos, they are great -- confirmations, excellent return policy and always great choices. I hate some of the customer "services" reps you end up talking with, complete idiots or bored out of their minds? I did notice that Zappos has both of the shoes you mentioned but have no idea how the prices compare.

Catherine said...

Yes, I came home and ordered a pair from Zappos! LOVE Zappos! They will probably be here when I get home on Monday. Of course, they cost almost a hundred bucks more than the Naturalizer pair that apparently did not exist.

My daughter loves her MBTs, and while they did not magically fix her injured back, of course, she does think they help.

ChelleC said...

That is just WRONG. I hate it when customer service clerk hasn't helped and they ask if there's anything ELSE they can help with. That just makes my blood boil hearing about it.

Bess said...

I'm sorry - I am still laughing. did that conversation really happen?

But yes. I am sure it did. And I shouldn't be laughing but it is funny the way you tell it. bad news, though, about the extra $$$.

Catherine said...

Yes, it really did happen just that way! My favorite part is his happy tone while explaining that shoes are shipped from the nearest store, but without a receipt because the "stores don't have access to that information!" As if that makes perfect sense, and only a fool would expect to get a RECEIPT with a purchase! And yes, he actually did ask me if he could "help" with anything else, all cheery and positive like we'd just had a wonderfully productive conversation. It was surreal.

rho said...

I'm lucky that a local store sells the MBT - so I went in and tried them on then walked around the store for 20 minutes before deciding to buy them - I love them - in fact I should go look and see if they have any sandles - because they really are comfortable (ugly but comfortable)

btw this word verification had to be the easiest one ever - I may actually get it to work in one try .... fanin :D

Catherine said...

A local store here sells them too, but a very limited selection, which I'd already checked out. They direct you to the MBT website for other styles.