Saturday, June 13, 2009

OMG, she's actually talking about YARN?

So, my LYS sent me a coupon for a discount for my birthday, which is this month, and serendipitously, a co-worker just found out that she's having a baby girl, so I figured I would go buy something nice but washable for a wee feather and fan afghan. And I did.

And then I bought myself a little sumthin'. Longtime readers - all six of you - know I have a few fiber obsessions, and one of them is linen. I love the stuff, which is convenient because it's 95 degrees today and will be until probably Halloween. Anyway, I found the baby afghan yarn and then browsed, and found Blue Ridge Yarns' Luxury Linen. Holy Shit, I am in LOVE! I have a new obsession, and am glad that shop owner Marney loves it too and said she will be getting more. Now that I've looked them up and saw the other color choices, I want all of them. It appears to be gorgeously hand-dyed Euroflax, yet more reasonably priced, (at least at Knit!) than Euroflax usually is, even online. Same yardage, too. So I grabbed me four skeins of Poker Night - which doesn't look anything like that linked photo page. Either that was from an earlier batch or their photos need tweaking. Anyway, Poker Night is all lovely blues and blue-greens and rich gold - heavy on the blues and blue-greens. Gor-gee-us. I'm thinking Poker Night will become a casual wrap of some sort. I cannot wait to wind it and play with it.


Linda said...

Ooooo! Very nice! I think I'll check that out next time I'm at my LYS! Might make a nice summer top.

Bess said...

Wicked temptress. I will not buy more yarn. I will not, I will not, I will not!

Can't wait to see what you come up with, though. and pleeeeeease tempt me some more.

On la! The word varification is "dysines" which is probably how I'd spell designs too. Especially If I owned a hand dyed yarn business. hmmmm. a good omen for this project.