Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Screaming Frog Things. Plz shut up.

I have been awake since, um, 2:30 a.m., and this lovely time included a LOONG day of translating highly tortured legalspeak into business people can understand English. I am pretty fluent in legalspeak, but this was particularly, intensely, richly of the "Why use 50 words when 275 would be more impressive?" level of legalspeak. So, so not fun. I spent the day sending mental hugs to the lawyers who demonstrated that it is possible to write highly complex real estate legal stuff in Short Bursts of Simple English. In short paragraphs that deal with each point in a logical format. These expensive outside guys didn't learn that. Unfortunately, my employer is now paying me to turn the incomprehensible to basic, comprehensible to a layman business points. Sucks for me.

No rain on my house tonight, so frogs? Plz STFU. Need sleep. Too old and tired and the periperal brain issues of the font changes between documents and such, oh, it hurts like hell.


Janet said...

In other news (but I just thought of it) isn't it your Birthday Week?

Linda said...

Catherine, Sounds like you could use a massage or at least a foot rub:) and a glass of wine. Wine goes with everything:)

Catherine said...

My birthday is this Sunday. And yes, wine sort of helps - but what would really help would be a very different job.

zippiknits said...

Happy Birthday to you, a little early.

I know you are glad to be here now, but be advised that there's just a whole bunch of unrelated folks in the world who are glad of it, too, C.

*~*Happy Early Birthday Wishes*~*

Sparklers, confetti, etc etc.. :+)

k said...

When you change fonts, do you have trouble seeing the letters?
I have a friend who was in a horrible accident, and now she can't knit well. I haven't gotten to talk to her about it. It's all very interesting. I have a disorder that has as a side effect a difficulty recognizing faces.
I vote, we all take naps.

Catherine said...

Focal distances don't change easily - for instance, if I knit for a while, and then go outdoors, the world is seriously out of focus for a good half hour. Not so much that I can't function, but it's annoyingly not normal. Then it gradually drifts back to normal. But when I'm doing document-to-screen-to-document, repeat,'s tiring. My brain doesn't appreciate. And yes, I did see specialists about it at the insistance of my former hysterical eye doctor. They said it wasn't a big deal, and can't be fixed anyway. I agree, it isn't -just an annoying deal.