Monday, June 15, 2009

Two Words.

Zappos Rocks. My MBTs are here, and they are sooo comfy (I listened to the advice on Zappos and ordered up a half-size). I do need to learn to walk in them. I can already tell that I tend to dig in my toes like I'm always walking in sand even on a hard surface, and in these you are supposed to lift your big toe a bit when you take a step. But the arch support of that ugly rocker sole - holy crap, it's heavenly, like springing on marshmallows, with no firm spots rubbing anywhere, or ridges to break the sensation of sinking your feet into springy marshmallow fluff. It's like no impact walking, though I do have to pay attention to the needs of my left big toe for now, I can see that this will become second nature in no time. I can also see that these ugly shoes could become addictive!


Ginnie said...

Oh, good to know. I have been eyeing them since I heard of them, with lust in my heart. I stand at work a lot, and have high arches, and am overweight, so my feet always hurt.

Catherine said...

I first heard of them a few years ago, and only knew one person who had tried them - Girlchild was the second. But she's very particular, so if she loves them and says she misses them on the days she doesn't wear them, that says a lot.