Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Beach

Murphy and I ran away this weekend. I needed to spend some time watching this.

This one looks funny because it was taken through the screen next to the table at High Tides. Yeah, it's really oceanfront.

Why I love Flagler County - here's the beach around the restaurant on a gorgeous July Saturday afternoon. It was not ENTIRELY unpopulated - maybe a dozen people were playing in the waves in the other direction, and way up the beach I could see another group of, oh, 40 people, max. But for long stretches of beach there are more pelicans than humans, and in Florida, this is fairly miraculous.

I stayed at Cousin C's again, and this time we bought a wireless printer to go with her new laptop, and I installed it. It may be the most difficult printer set up in my entire life, and all because Wal-Mart was out of stock on the Lexmark and we didn't want to slog to Daytona, so we got a Canon. Lovely printer, nice quality, blah blah, but the set-up was a bitch. Then I hunted down and figured out the server addresses for her email, so she can now send photos via Windows Mail. She was delighted, and I was proud of myself - for an over 50 real estate and land and construction geek, I am not too shabby at this computer stuff. It's fun.

So C's all wireless and totally in the 21st century now (finally). The rest of the time was spent eating, drinking, and floating in the pool. The weather was only ugly late in the day, when we'd retreated indoors, but it was spectacularly ugly - torrential rain, ginormous lightning strikes, and, three towns to the south, all that tornado destruction you may have seen on the news - 150 homes damaged. Several homes around C's house were hit by lightning, the power went on and off, etc. Fortunately, nobody got killed or seriously hurt in the tornado(es). It was just a violent mess. But when it wasn't a violent mess, it looked like the photos above. The speed in which it goes from above to lightning and tornadoes is truly remarkable.

Thought for the day - a funny conversation with a woman at High Tides turned into a discussion of the dating pool for "women of a certain age." This may have been stolen from someplace, but as far as I am concerned, I heard this gem from "that woman at High Tides."

We were discussing whether we'd ever want to remarry (C's ability to strike up a conversation with anybody cannot be overstated. This entire conversation took the time it took C to finish a cigarette). The Woman at High Tides' sage observation:

Men are looking for a woman who will take care of them like mama did, and love them like their dog does.

I'm guessing that's not original and she maybe got it from a country song, but I love it.

The kicker was that her male companion joined us a few minutes later, and she repeated it to him - he nodded solemnly and said, "Yes, it's true."


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Linda said...

Wow! The beaches look fantastic! I haven't been to Florida in probably 20 years. And it's not that far from SC.