Sunday, July 05, 2009

Comatose Cat

I forgot to share my cat story! We got home this morning, and Higgins was sleeping on the coffee table (several small items were on the floor) and stood and gave me a pleasantly confused look: "Oh hai. Wuz u gon?" Boris did not greet me. I took my stuff into the bedroom to start unpacking, and saw him on the floor, in the corner. He was flattened out, did not react to his name, and did not appear to be breathing. I called his name again. Nothing. Again, louder. Nothing.

I felt a strange mix of emotions at that moment - fear, sadness, irritation (what does one do with a dead cat on Sunday morning?) By this time I was slightly frantic - "BORIS! BORIS! BORIS!" I'm standing over the cat yelling down at him, bordering on hysteria.

An eye opened. "Oh hai. U call me?"

I contemplated a brunch margarita.

Then later, someone (I'm not naming names here because this isn't CSI and I didn't send a sample for analysis) peed in my suitcase while it was open on the floor.

I've settled for a really early glass of wine.


Linda said...

LOL! Oh My! *snort* I'm sorry, really! But that is so like a cat.

Catherine said...

Oh, when Girlchild read this she had to call me to tell me that he did it to her while she was cat-sitting. She came to feed the cats and he didn't appear - she thought she'd lost him. She found him, and then thought he was dead.

Yet, today he greeted me at the door to bitch for dinner, and appears quite normal. He's just a really sound sleeper in his old age.

zippiknits said...

If you had left them without food, now, you KNOW they would be very glad to see you. But that's animal cruelty isn't it?

You went shopping on a race day in Daytona? Ha!