Sunday, July 05, 2009

End of the Weekend Blues.

It was a very nice weekend indeed. Murphy and I sneaked off for a couple of days at Cousin C's. Food, wine, and relaxation in mass quantities - aahhh, I honestly feel relaxed!

We started the weekend with lunch at my favorite restaurant in Flagler Beach:

What can I say? I'm just all about the fancy eating spots. The food and the view at this place cannot be beat, and it's always so busy they have mandatory valet parking. Those guys earn their money - it was packed when we got there, and I wondered where they were going to find a place for Baby.

They aren't kidding when they say it's right on the ocean:

We did have a mission for this weekend - bring Cousin C's computer and internet connection into the 21st century. She wanted a laptop, which meant adding a wireless router to the DSL connection she finally obtained about a week or two ago. Oh, and she has been buying disposable cameras, so she added a point and shoot digital camera.

And we bought these things at the Best Buy in Daytona Beach. On the 4th of July. Which is, yes, a major, major race day - one of the biggest. And where is the Best Buy located? DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE SPEEDWAY. Like, they use the shopping center parking lot for race day parking on major, major race days like the 4th; there were mobs of hot, sweaty race fans everywhere, and blocked roads and bedlam. And I'm like, oh, shit, is there a race today? Can you tell we are not NASCAR fans, and also somewhat oblivious? So yeah, we were idiots our timing was perhaps not the best here, but we got to the store early and got out fairly early, and stopped on the way back for another big lunch (obnoxious talking website warning needed here).

And then I installed the router and got the wireless network set up, loaded the software for the digital camera and performed some other acts of geek magic, before falling into the pool again. I miss my own pool. Murphy does not swim, but he enjoyed endlessly patrolling the pool deck, hunting lizards. He will sleep until Wednesday to recover.

Unfortunately, I have to get up and go to work tomorrow. Crap.


Linda said...

Geek Magic! Sweet! If ever the ELPH leaves me that is one thing I'm going to have to learn. Cousin C has a very nice place. Murphy looks great! I'm off to work tomorrow too. Crap.

Catherine said...

Murphy looks a little bedraggled because I did dunk him in the pool - his tongue was down to his knees, so I held him and let him do a few dog paddle strokes to the side to cool off. His hair dried sort of the way mine does after swimming - all over the place. I LOVE Cousin C's house - it's older by FL standards and not glamorous but comfortable, and on a canal leading to the Intracoastal. She does not have a boat; the boat in the background belongs to a neighbor. I love sitting on the lanai in the morning, drinking coffee and watching the mullet jump out of the water. In the winter there are dolphins! I keep saying I will visit more often, and stay over and drink her beer and use her pool, but I actually go maybe every six months. Must do it a few more times this summer.

Bess said...

ahhh. I am sooo glad you had some R&R. Welcome back.

ellen said...

The end of every weekend is awful - I never try get to bed on time Sunday night because when I do it means the weekend is over. I'm glad to hear you and the little boss got a fun weekend away.