Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On the list of people I have had crushes on for decades....

Huey Lewis.

And I'm sick of:

and really need:

Some crushes of my youth didn't age well at all, but I still have a crush on him. (Edited: Yeah, he's only about 8 years older than I am. But my teen crushes didn't hold up too well.) I am in the mood to listen to Huey Lewis and the News. Especially because I'm sick of working for a living, and really could use that couple days off.

Add to the list of things you should slap me if I ever say I'll do again - right after garage sales, let's put "vegetable garden." Seriously. I am not a gardening type, at least not in this brutal climate. My peppers drowned outright; my herbs gamely hung in through torrential rain alternating with 95 degree sun; the tomatoes tried, sighed, and died. Tonight I played Taps and tore them out, bagged the remains, and marched them to the curb.

I don't even want to think about how much I spent on plants, fertilizer, stakes, etc. etc., to get a dozen cherry tomatoes. The extreme weather - torrential rain and then 98 degree sun, repeat, repeat, oh, and just add bugs! - was too much.

The Roma tomatoes in the patio pots are doing much better than the others, and are prolific little devils, but I used some of them in last night's dinner, and you know what? They tasted like NOTHING! They look gorgeous, picture-perfect. They have no flavor. And they are my success story! They are in large pots so I will let them live, for now, but...meh.

Pretty, ain't they?

I could have bought my tomatoes at Whole Foods or Fresh Market for what those little suckers cost me, and I bet they'd taste like something.


Anonymous said...

It's not just *your* Roma tomatoes, it's mine too. they never taste like anything... I've never gotten the appeal. Now cherry tomatoes I can do, but we didn’t plant any. I have lots of regular tomatoes this year too, but as cool as it's been, I'm thinking they wont be ripening this summer.


Linda said...

I'm with Kimmen. Even the store bought Roma tomatoes I got last week taste like nothing.

Catherine said...

Okay, I remember, um, maybe 10 years ago? Using Romas in recipes - store-bought at that - and they tasted so rich and tomato-ey. What happened?

The basil was a success. The catnip got the neighborhood cats high. Everything else was a Why Bother? The only remaining herbs from the great experiment are the basil and the lavender. I'm really surprised the lavender is hanging in.

dragon knitter said...

i h ad one out of my garden last week, andit was juicy and delicious (we had blt's with it).

go figger. maybe it's the variety you bought?