Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Today's Horoscope

Change is coming whether you like it or not, so hold on. Ultimately, you won't mind much because it will arrive with some extremely benevolent planetary ambassadors in tow to ensure that all goes well. You can officially allow yourself to have fun and let loose. There's a wonderful safety net under you.

I certainly hope so. Once again, change is all around me, and I have no idea what it means. Right now, I'm trying to determine whether I'm coming down with something. Feeling slightly better, so maybe it was just weather related. You know how if you break a bone, it feels weather? My skull does. Today was a feel crappy day, but accompanied by sinus-things and scratchy throat things that don't normally go with the skull-barometer.

I've become a Bad Blogger. Not much new to say, except that 3-day weekend plans hinge on whether I wake up sick or healthy.

I did rip a potential sweater - I have this wonderful (sadly discontinued) Euroflax Geneva, in a perfect color for me - Celtic Blue - and thought I found a good pattern for it. But sadly, after knitting all the way down the back, I just didn't like the gauge. It was dead-on right for the pattern, but it didn't do the yarn justice. So I will be forced to do math and figure out my own top-down cardi pattern for this yarn.

I have yarn for a baby blanket, but it is in isolation until I am sure I am not sick with anything contagious. (Yes, I will wash it before delivery, but I don't want the Baby Mama to see it and think, "Oh, God, she was coughing and sneezing!") So that can wait a wee bit. The giftee isn't going to show up for a few more months.

It may be a good time to cast on a linen wrap in feather and fan. I need something I can do while socializing. I think f&f has now become muscle memory, and I scored some cheap Euroflax in black, and who couldn't use a black utility wrap for air conditioned venues? Okay, maybe some people have never thought of needing this, but I would stuff it in my giant tote bag and take it with me on many occasions. Yeah, maybe I should start that next, and let the top-down cardigan thoughts stew for a week or two.


Linda said...

I think a black feather & fan is a perfect summer project. Everyone can use a wrap.

k said...

Your skull feels weather? That must be awful in hurricane season.
You might be a bad blogger, but I had a crap day, and I'm glad to read this. So there.

needlefingers said...

I would like to offer my fav top-down cardigan - Lily by Marie Grace. If it matches gauge, of course.

It is so comfortable and fits great. Every 1100 yard bunch of yarn I have could be a Lily waiting to happen. :)

Catherine said...

I like Lily, but the gauge is too tight for this yarn. The pattern I'd chosen is just a tad too loose. I will have to figure out a way to hit it.

I don't know how my skull will behave in a hurricane - we haven't had one since the surgery! But this rainy spring/summer has been a dull and achy time.