Monday, August 17, 2009

And, like the roof leaking isn't enough.

Murphy threw up his dinner two nights in a row. His bland, cautious, high quality dinner, which was not followed by any crazy running around behavior. The good news is he feels solid - no ribs sticking out and he does not feel dehydrated - but something is wrong.

He's not scary-droopy the last two days, but he's also not the feisty little terror in the videos. His appetite is okay but not enthusiastic; his energy is okay but not himself - and this pattern has repeated itself too many times now. Scroll down for TMI - delicate types, look away....

I'm warning you now.

Barf talk ahead.

Click away now!

When he throws up, it looks like perfectly healthy digested chicken plus premium dog food. No mucous, blood, off colors, or anything else scary. I'm baffled. And worried. Not panicked, but worried. His weight is stable, and it was just the other day that he was his feisty self. But something is wrong and I'm not understanding it.


Linda said...

Catherine, Is he eating to fast? I hope he's ok.

Catherine said...

He does eat with gusto, but the throwing up comes over an hour later. If he wolfed it down and then walked away and barfed, I'd chalk it up to gulping. This, I can't figure. I will try even smaller portions of his beloved chicken. It's possible that he ate nothing all day and then stuffed himself on the Good Stuff.

Anonymous said...

I know your morning rush hour must be just that - but could he have half his ration in the morning? and the balance in the evening?

Hate to make your mornings worse, but I have seen this sort of thing in (sorry Murph!) dogs (and cats) of A Certain Age.

Tell the little Terror G'day from the boys in Callala Bay,

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

That's exactly what I plan to do this morning, Gae. Small breakfast, small dinner.

Linda said...

My Dad has 2 Shitzu?Peke mixes that wolf down their food too I got him a couple of Slow-Feed bowls that have helped a lot. He but them on a n old phone book to elevate them just a bit too. Wortha a try I guess.

KatyaR said...

I hope Murphy's doing better. It's scary when our pets get sick; it would be so nice if they could tell us what's wrong.

Hugs to you both.