Monday, August 10, 2009

Catbed Scanner

When I bought the new printer/scanner a while back, I was very careful to locate it in a place that would not lead to cats using it to look out the window. I wasn't too worried about Boris napping on it, because Boris is a big cat, and this is a not too large printer. Um. I came home from work today and he was in one of his Dead Cat Naps. He did not hear me come in, even though Murphy barked to greet me:

He didn't let being too big to fit comfortably stop him:

After I snapped the pictures, I scooped his ass up and unceremoniously (but gently) dropped him on the floor. Yeah, he was in a really deep sleep. Cats don't always land on their feet. He's fine - I'd say the only thing hurt was his dignity, but he has none.


Aarlene said...

Maybe it's wrong but oh how that made me laugh! Thanks.

Catherine said...

It's not wrong to laugh - the cat is a clown. I had to use two hands to pick him up (without letting him scratch my poor printer/scanner) and dump him on the floor. I honestly thought he was awake - I said, "Get the hell off there!" and picked him up and dumped him on the floor. He appeared to be awake, but landed ungracefully, and bounced. Apparently he wasn't awake. Oops.

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!

Anonymous said...

Umm, the way I wake up any more I dont think I would recup fast enough to avoid getting dumped on the floor either. So I sort of commiserate with ol' Boris there. But those photos are funny, in spite of your best plans to avoid cat-napping. I guess they stay warm even in standby mode. I loved the video of Murphy the other day too- he has such bright eyes!

And now I'm hearing the theme song to WKRP in my head... Gee thanks.


carlarey said...

I think if a cat got the impression that a tray of broken glass and thumbtacks was precious to you, and forbidden to them, they'd force themselves to sleep on it.

Linda said...

Oh my! Too, too funny! He was "dead asleep" wasn't he?

Anonymous said...

have you seen this very funny youtube "why my printer won't work"??!

love reading about your days and Boris and Murphy. thanks for sharing with us all!!


Catherine said...

Carlarey - so, very, very true.

Kimmen - Boris did make an awake sound and I did point his feet at the floor before releasing him - the fact that he was dropped feet-down and still didn't land on them says a lot about him. You're welcome for the WKRP flashbacks. :-)

Catherine said...

Elizabeth - that is priceless! Boris ignores the printer when it's on - he only wants it as a bed. And when it's idle it is cool to the touch, so I have no idea why.