Friday, August 28, 2009

Funny how empty the house feels

without a 7 lb. dog. My morning routine is all screwed up; I'm not sure I remember how to put on my makeup without him sitting nearby, supervising. I will be so glad to bring him home! Boris is trying to fill the gap by following me around purring. I can't tell if he's asking where Murphy is, or celebrating his absence. :-)


Bess said...

good for Boris - at least he knows who is the Important one in the house.

cheering thoughts for Murphy's speedy recovery

Linda said...

All will be right very soon.

Amie said...

He's likely anxious because of your anxiety.

I have a few spares up here if you need to borrow anyone. Liberty has to wear a shirt for a few days, so she might be fun, being more fashion model than dog at the moment.

Hang in there. Murphy will have a few days of feeling crummy, and then will enter the phase of feeling much better than you want him to, because he'll still be coned and on low-mobility orders, and will be driving you nuts in no time.


Janet said...

I'm also amazed by how much "presence" a small dog can have in the house, and how much of a void they leave when they're not there. He's going to be so happy to get home!