Saturday, August 29, 2009

Heart Failure - mine, not his.

So, after realizing that Oh God the Vet Tech Wasn't Kidding About the Diarrhea - which, bless his little heart, he deposited outside - it's infrequent but will put you off hot fudge sundaes for life - tonight he expressed a desire to sit on the couch with me. Okay, I am right there, watching him out of the corner of my eye - if he so much as twitches, I will be on him and not let him jump off the couch. He is not supposed to jump. Jumping is BAD! So I watched him - every twitch and I was on it, ready to grab him.

Yeah. He didn't twitch a hair before the move. He just stood up and jumped off in one smooth, swift spring, like a healthy young gazelle, and landed as lightly as a feather, and trotted off to get a drink of water while I performed CPR on myself. He's on his cushion now, sleeping like an angel, and all further requests to sit on the couch will be ignored by management. For the sake of management, because obviously the patient knows what he's capable of doing. He's great, but this is getting to me.

Carpeted areas of the house are blocked off, because though I would love to sleep on my own bed, I am not quite willing to rip out the carpet for the thrill. And boy, the runny poopies are impressive. His colon has to regroup, regrow its healthy balance (yes, he's on probiotics) and all that jazz, and in the meantime, no carpet. I'll be on the couch, playing nurse again tonight.


Anonymous said...

Umm, yeah. I've done that too, thinking, I'll get him before.... whatever.

Murphy's zippered tummy is mighty cute- I hope it's healing fast. And lets hope the probiotic flora get established soon.


KatyaR said...

My Maggie was that way after she was spayed. The doctor told me that she should take it easy for a few days, and the first thing she did was jump into the car. When we got home, she jumped out of the car and ran up the stairs with a twinge. Scared the crap out of me, but she was fine.

Have a nice glass of wine and enjoy some good TV or a movie--you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

They do that, and boy do they move fast! Hopefully Murphy is on the mend. Sorry about the diarrhea it can be bad post surgery just be glad he isn't a Great Dane or some other large dog. Hope you both get some rest!

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine a human type person even able to trot around the house with such nonchalance after a major abdominal op? Now you KNOW what I was telling you about post C-section Pekes. They just down let it worry them.

And, in all the years we only ever saw one bitch come 'unzipped', and she was unusually heavy in milk, unusually quickly. Only lost a couple of stitches. Mum grabbed a clean 'old' towel, dunked it in warm water, wrapped it round the victim, then a clean dry 'old' towel around the lot, and back to the vet. We all survived, and Goldie raised her pups with no further incidents.

Glad the self-administered CPR was successful - we would miss you!!

Take care,

Gae, in Callala Bay

nurseknitsalot said...

You poor thing...what we have to go through for our sick little friends! Your comments are so funny...I even had to giggle at the hot fudge sundae blurb.

I hope you have no more episodes of heart failure....Murphy needs you!!!

Take Care,

Dee fm KS said...

I only have internet during the week, but I am so glad that Murphy is all right. Our prayers have been answered. I am sure the biopsy will be fine, too. Take care to both of you. Dee