Monday, August 31, 2009

Lousy Night's Sleep, Vet, Recheck.

Last night was LONG. Today was better. Murphy went back for a post surgery recheck.

I love the vet who was in on the surgery - we'll call him Baby Vet, because he has been practicing for a whole year now. He is the guy who told me that they were on a fishing expedition, and today felt around in Murphy's gut and also took an x-ray, added a second layer of antibiotic (same kind he was on in pill form pre-op, but now in vile liquid form) and tweaked his diet a bit to work on the liquid poopie thing. Baby Vet is cool - a nice combination of nerd and warm and friendly, so he will talk you to death about where the tumor was located and how it works on the digestive system. Very short answer- Murphy's tumor was in a really unusual place, where the small and large intestine interact and decide how fat will be processed, and he needs to stick to a low fat diet, eat fiber, and take vitamins. Otherwise, he's doing great.

We don't have the report back on the tumor, so there is still time for more despair, but I am feeling really good, and he appears to be feeling the same.

Funny: vet tech spilled one of the sample dry foods sent home with us. Murphy pounced on it like it was the Best Stuff Ever! He ate several chunks while we cleaned up the spill. We hand-fed him a few more bites, hoping that he would be so in love with it, it would be the new dry food!

I offered the same food after we got home, and Murphy reacted with disgust - recoiled in horror and walked away like I'd offered him radioactive waste. At the vet's office it was amusing; if this was actually supposed to be a meal? No way. Dinner was chicken and rice. Then we choked down the two antibiotics. But we have had no poopies since 11 this morning, so perhaps - cross your fingers, internets! - we have reached equilibrium.

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