Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nervous Mom....

I had second thoughts about rushing to this surgery last night, and almost talked myself into getting a second opinion - but did some reading about it. As Gae said in the comments below, Murphy is lucky that the vets caught it. I am concerned about the surgery, of course - this is not minor - but he has been sick, off and on, all summer. He's having relatively good days now, but he's not really "back to his old self" and I can't kid myself about that. This needs to be done.

Murphy has been under anesthesia before, for relatively minor things like the Big Boy Operation and dental cleanings. He's otherwise healthy and these vets are very experienced, so I'm not overly worried about that part of it. Worried, but not overly worried. Right now I'm concerned about his post-op care - we "rushed" to do the surgery today so he could recover tomorrow at the hospital, and I'll bring him home the end of the day tomorrow and have the weekend with him. He will be recovering from major surgery, wearing one of those comical Buster Collar satellite dishes. I need to ask about the recovery period. I work 35 miles from home and am gone for 11 hours at a stretch. I can't pop in on him in the middle of the day to see how he's doing. My daughter has no time off coming to her until October, and this isn't like feeding the cats or bringing in the mail - I'm not willing to foist this off on neighbors. I'm quite willing to take vacation time to take care of my sick little friend. God knows, I'm not doing anything useful at the job right now! (But that's a separate subject.)

So I will talk to the vets, and then to my boss, and maybe take vacation days next week - maybe a full day or two, then half days if he's managing okay. I do have carpet to rip up, too, so I could make productive use of this time.

Thank you all for the good thoughts and support - I'll keep you posted later today.


Donna said...

Thinking good thoughts for you both!

Anonymous said...

Thinking good thoughts about Murphy! Just make sure he doesn't do any jumping on to the beds, sofa, etc. until the doctors give him the all clear. One of my cat had abdominal surgery and I ended up building make-shift rams to everything. Cats are a little different but I'm sure Murphy likes to do his share of jumping.

Laura said...

Our vet would let us leave the cats with them if we couldn't be home to take care of them during the recovery period. Maybe your vets will let you "board" him there for the first day or so? He's probably going to need a lot of attention right after surgery but then he'll be sleeping a lot after that first 24 hours.

Good luck with the surgery - looks like it was caught just in time.

Amie said...

I don't know if they make them small enough, but some dogs find the inflatable collars more comfortable than the elizabethan (cone) collars.

Hang in there, Murph! (You too, Catherine)

Been thinking about you both a lot!


Ginnie said...

One of my big dogs ate the collar off of himself after an eye operation. Seriously.