Sunday, August 23, 2009

What, again?

Although circumstances beyond your control could give you reason to fret today, you should be able to handle the emotional tension and even channel it to increase your productivity. A powerful adversary may be surprised by your ability to maintain your composure under fire. But your goal isn't to impress anyone; it's simply to survive, and even thrive, in the current storm.

Just once, I'd like a horoscope to say, "You'll lose 10 pounds without even trying, find the perfect puppy, and meet a sane man who doesn't brag about his midlife-crisis Harley in his first 5 sentences."

Instead, I am channeling myself into increased productivity. I have started the Biggest, Baddest House Fix-Up Job of All. I am ripping out the garage carpet.

Garage carpet, you say? What kind of idiots have a carpeted garage? Um, yeah. We did not put it there. When we bought this house in 1996, it was obvious that the house had been used to operate a home business - extra phone lines, etc., and the garage had quite pristine looking indoor-outdoor carpet, as well as extra lighting (as if over desks or work spaces) and a ceiling fan. The extra lighting and the fan were most welcome, and the carpet was in fine shape, and my husband and I had only a few days off work in which to accomplish the move, so we moved in on the carpet. 1996 was a long time ago.

In 2009, the garage carpet is an eyesore, and smelly. I have tried to clean it, but it's beyond hope. It has to go. It has had to go for years, but I kept putting it off, because I knew exactly how labor intensive it would be. But the time has come, and it is my new pet project.

I am not tackling it all at once - today I did an approximately 4x3 foot area. I cut out the carpet and sat on the floor, dripping sweat like a lawn sprinler despite the ceiling fan running overhead, scraping up the backing. It's not as bad as it could be - fortunately I am not dealing with the kind of glue that hardens like lumpy rock. It's more like scraping away rotted foam rubber, but it certainly isn't EASY.

I've decided that after I go to the gym, while I am already sweaty and nasty but also energized, I will retire to the garage with my knife and scraper, and claw up another small area each day. When I run out of open floor space, it will be time to move stuff around to get to the areas that are not so accessible, but I have plenty of easily accessible (and godawful hideous nasty) carpet to work on now. I will wear my rattiest trashworthy jeans for this task, and will be showering with antibacterial body wash after every session. It truly is disgusting.

A very nice man came out yesterday (earlier scheduled visit was called due to yet more rain) and I have my fingers crossed that the leak is no longer. We are due to get rain every day this week, so in a few days I will know if it's done.

I'm still fretting over Murphy - that bossy little fireball of the video of what, 2 weeks ago, is sleeping a lot, but he is eating and drinking and appears to be in no serious distress. He's just lethargic and visibly not himself, and I don't like this at all. But, as I said, the first round of expensive blood work didn't show anything wrong, so we will call it irritable bowel disease and see how he does. Sigh.


Teresa said...

I'm no vet, but if Murphy potentially has C Diff from his visits to your mother's hospital (I've been a reader for a long time) MAYBE the vet should be doing bacterial cultures of the runny poop to confirm C Diff and then treating Murphy with antibiotics? (I used to be a lab tech). Not sure what blood work would tell them about C Diff except maybe elevated white count. You have mentioned the C Diff exposure to them, haven't you? Just a thought. I'm concerned about Murphy too.


Catherine said...

It was, of course, the first thing I thought of, and they tested for it back in July. He did have it, and was put on antibiotics, and made what appeared to be a full recovery. They re-tested on 7/28, and his last test was clear. He's on another round of antibiotics anyway.

Ginnie said...

Did they xray him when you took him in?

My dog was a rock eater and that is how she was when something was stuck in there. Just a thought.

Teresa said...

Hope you didn't take my comments as implying you were a neglectful dog-mommy, Catherine - I think you're a WONDERFUL dog-mommy. I do get kind of ticked off at vets who think that more expensive blood work will cure all, and I somehow missed that Murphy was on more anti-biotics. At any rate, hope I didn't offend you. I just really care about the little guy - I have a Westie myself that is the love of my life, and I know all about the bossy little dogs!


Catherine said...

No offense taken, Teresa! And no, they haven't taken an x-ray - and I think I will ask about that on his next visit. But Murphy is not one to eat things outside,(he's so picky he won't even touch the average dog treat) so a foreign body is a very remote possibility. The dr. did feel his abdomen thoroughly and didn't feel anything odd, and his symptoms do match IBD. I just hope we find something that gives him his spark back.